To Those I Have Offended in My Political Engagement, I Apologise – Elemona

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I find it important in adherence to believe that relationship either friendship or progenity comes first before politics, and I in view of this tender my unreserved apology to everyone I may have deliberately or unintentionally angered with comments or posts, especially now that the Kogi State House of Assembly elections  has come and gone.

Please, to anyone I have offended with my posts or comments, I am saying sorry as I seek for your forgiveness and understanding.

We all must understand that we are one indivisible bonded entity with different perspectives of reasoning and beliefs and we will continue to be one irrespective of our political party differences.

Let us not allow politics to separate us and destroy the friendship we have built for many years… I Love You All.

Please as you celebrate your victory do it in a polite manner and not in a troublesome or violent way.

Peace is all we want, thanks and remain blessed.

Yours Sincerely,
Elemona Tboss

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