Tinubu-Shetima: Don’t Hide Behind Faleke to Sabotage APC Victory – Group Tells Barr. Suru, Fabola, Others

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In the wake of the release of the Presidential Campaign Council of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC), it never seize to generate debates as The News of the TinubuShetima All Progressive Congress Presidential Campaign Council; APC-PCC, which originally is supposed to leave every members of the party happy and ready to work for victory across the country and particularly in Kogi State, it has left some concerned party loyalists in total worries and dismay especially as the names of those believed to be working in discreet for other parties have been found as members of the campaign council from Kogi West Senatorial District. 

Names of the nominees in the Presidential Campaign Council that has caught the attention of concerned faithfuls of the APC in Kogi West are; Hon. Eric Fiki as Member, Parliamentarian Committee, North Central; Barr. James Bola Fabola, Member, Legal Committee, APC-PCC; Barr. Bamidele Suru, Member, Legal Committee, APC- PCC.

The above mentioned names has been fingered to have cordial working and political relationships with oppositions in the state particularly in Yagba Federal Constituency and have in different occasions maintained confidence of only working for the victory of the APC presidential election while planning to sabotage and frustrate all other elections of the party; Senate, House of Representatives, Assemblies and even Gubernatorial elections respectively. 

They confessed on several occasions that the reasons for this anti-party actions of these persons are tied unto what they claim to be “What Has the Party In the State Done for Us to warrant giving our all and all for the party to coast into landslide victory at the poll?”. These statements they have been heard quoting both in the public and private domain. 

It was gathered that the direct relationship they have with Hon. James Faleke, the APC-PCC Secretary is the foundation for which they have found themselves featuring as members in the APC-PCC respective committees. What ordinarily should be a strength, may gradually if not addressed on time may snowball into locking oneself in an enemy’s House and handing over the keys to him. It may result into reducing the numbers of votes the party may primarily have gotten in the forthcoming general election. 

Explaining further, Barr. Bamidele Suru who is a member of the legal committee of the APC PCC, is the cooperate/private attorney to Elder Leke Abejide, the African Democratic Congress (ADC) Candidate for House of Representatives, Yagba Federal Constituency and who is only going to stand tall for the Presidential Victory for APC and in return, sabotage the winning chances of other election to be in favour of his client’s party. 

Barrister Fabola on the other hand, has even both on recorded viral video in public and private, openly declared that “the only two codes for us in Kogi is Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and James Abiodun Faleke, forget about APC in Kogi State”. The implication of this is to mean that the only election that is of priority to him and others is that of TinubuShetima and aside of this, all other elections for other offices in the party can go to hell. Hence, he has sworn to work only for TinubuShetima and do otherwise for other elections of the APC. You may wish to also recall that immediately after the APC presidential primary election where Barr. James Fabola served as an APC delegate from Kogi, there were series of arguments as to whether or not he voted in favour of the State’s only Presidential Aspirant; Governor Yahaya Bello. In here, lies issues of trust. How then can the party in the state hold such a man responsible for his words? 

Hon. Eric Fiki is a political inseparable twin brother of Barrister James Fabola and on series of occasions, all of the meetings they have attended, organised and supervised in favour of other opposition parties in the state remains evident and available for onward circulation across necessary social media platforms. As much as the nomination of these persons are coming from Hon. James Falake consequent upon the play of their fast one on him, he is obviously going to be in the detriment of the party should measures to checkmating them not quickly put in place at the early time. 

Should this publication of attention be taken for granted or doubted in any way, the confidence herein therefore stands that these persons are challenged to ensure that they deliver their wards for the Party from top to bottom. This is a challenge that can only keep this piece irrelevant and fallacious. 

As at the moment of announcement of these names, there have been series of unquantifiable joy amongst the ADC sympathisers in the state. According to them, our own have been rewarded in the gathering of our heavyweight opposition party. 

The intended anti party tricks to be played by these nominees across their respective political wards and territorial reach must be given an early and proper checkmating. 

Hon. James Abiodun Falake may not be aware of any of these plans but with this publication calling for immediate attention and necessary actions, he should therefore not claim ignorance now that it is within the early stage. 

Samuel Yusuf
For: Yagba Solidarity Initiative.

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