Time to Make or Mar Your Future; Kogi Central in Focus

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That time has come! The power to make or mar your future is in your hand. That time to take that critical decision is Now!

The people of Kogi central should be wise enough not to romance and hand over their future and that of the unborn generation to the person coming to learn on the job of good governance.

It’s crystal clear that Engr. Abubakar Sadiku Ohere has the will to represent his people and deliver to their expectations.

He has demonstrated over the years to be an effective leader. Engr. Abubakar Sadiku Ohere would no doubt, make one of the most engaging Senators of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

It’s easy for every right thinking person to spot one who is prepared for governance. His capacity and intellect cannot be dismissed.

On the election day, do not sell your vote, instead, cast your vote for the man that would fascilitate projects to your community, the man that would work with the Executive arm of Government in the state to protect its interest for the overall development of the state, the man that would facilitate jobs for the youths and empower our mothers, the man that has genuine plan for Ajasteel to work again, that Man is Engr. Abubakar Sadiku Ohere (FNSE).

– Danfulani Ohinoyi Lukman.
For: Ohere’23 E-Media Crew

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