Thwarted Automatic Ticket: My Clearance, An Impetus to Offer Unusual Representation – Adoji

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A Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) aspirant for the Kogi East Senatorial district, Victor Adoji, has described his clearance by the National Working Committee as positive.

He stated this in a chat with newsmen shortly after receiving the certificate of clearance, adding that is was the beginning of a journey to offer quality representation.

“This is an impetus to offer a representation that is unusual,” he said.

He commended the PDP for its due diligence, assuring that under his representation, the Igala Bassa nation that has long been relegated would once again bounce back.

Taking to his social media timeline, Adoji cautioned his supporters not to sleep with both eyes closed as the battle is not over. He told his supporters that there are seven more rivers to cross.

He wrote:

“Again, I must register my appreciation over the enabling roles played by a number of you in the course of the thwarted “automatic ticket” saga.

“While we celebrate this first-level success, it’s important that we allow the celebratory mode to expire as fast as possible. Note that before our incursion into Partisan politics, the screening phase of the entire gamut of processes had been a mere formality: Not in our case and the question is why?

“We just crossed a stream that postured as a river. I assure you, this isn’t the last in their bag of sinister schemes.

“I enjoin us to immediately commence selling our product/ideology to the delegates as much and as convincing as we can making it clear that we are at a decisional crossroad that would determine our today and tomorrow and those of our children and children’s children.

“There’s also the issue of keeping an eye on the Igala proverb, eun ka’ajuwe majen, efufia, in terms of security. We must talk to our brothers, sisters, relations not to agree to be used as thugs or agents of destruction.

“All I ask for is a free and fair proceeding and I undertake to accept the outcome of a decent and transparent process.

“Yes, we’ve successfully crossed a river (screening) but there are more vicious ones ahead. I beseech you not to be weary as with God on our side, we shall reach the harbor unscathed.

“We shall do our best to be victorious and leave the rest to the owner of the universe: the Almighty God.”

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