The Unfortunate Life of a Thug; As Okehi Administrator Plans to Deny Ojo Ina

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The unfolding events in the last few days in Kogi Central has given credence to the age-long axiom which holds that, “being a subject of destruction in a village feast is not only bad but an evil path every rational human being shouldn’t imagine no matter its alluring. Let the man who’s swayed by his muscles know that the enemies of peace sponsoring him to cause mayhem for his evil benefits will deny him openly to save his head amongst his kinsmen, know that your safety and the welfare of your family is his last concern”.

It is quite heart-wrenching that our youths have refused to learn from the past as they continued to make themselves pawn which desperate politicians used to achieve their evil quest and discard like a piece of rag.

The unfortunate end of Ojo Ina, one of the notorious thugs allegedly working for Okehi Local Government Administrator, Abdulraheem Ohiare, who until his end tried everything possible to champion political violence against the opposition parties in the wake of the last senatorial in Kogi Central come to mind.

Before death beckons on him, Ojo Ina tried at all cost to justify the motorcycle and gun reportedly given to him by Abdulraheem Ohiare and went as far as killing, and shot anybody he perceived as enemy of his sponsor and always at the forefront of the political violence in Ihima.
But you see, a thug is only good to achieve the evil quest of the desperate politicians which of course is playing out after the unfortunate death of Ojo Ina.

In an attempt to prove that he wasn’t behind the evil deeds of Ina, Okehi Administrator, who reportedly gave him gun and sponsored him to cause violence in Ihima, has refused to pay condolence visit to the family let alone of having plan for the aged parents and the kids he left behind.

Death is an inevitable debt hanging on every man’s neck, but the best thing is to die and leave good words in the mouth of the people to be spoken about you and our youths need to realize this.

Without any recourse to the people Ojo Ina left behind and what he has used him for before his death, the Administrator of Okehi is planning to go public and deny ever having anything to do with him and claimed the late Ina was a thug of Barr. Natasha Akpoti. What a mockery of sense of reasoning.

Without much ado, the relationship between Ojo Ina and Okehi Administrator was as visbible as the sun, trying to deny him and link him to the same person he sponsored Ina to kill and shoot her supporters beats our imagination and proved the extent at which desperate politicians can go to cover their evil deeds.

This has also shown that Ohiare and other desperate politicians only consider the youths as a tool of destruction. Ina has paid his prize as a thug of Ohiare while he was alive, what the Administrator should be concerned about is how to pay back and consider the aged parents and the kids left behind by Ina.

The able-bodied youths of Ebira land who still make themselves pawn for the desperate politicians is to take a cursory look at the dilapidated family house of Ojo Ina where he was buried, his aged parents and the children he left while his sponsor look away.

Then, we ask, what’s the essence of being a thug, why do you want to make a bad name for yourself all in the name of motorcycle and other ephemeral material things?

– Ibrahim Hassan writes from Ihima, Okehi LGA, Kogi State.

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