The Tragedy of a Bad Leader

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Leadership is a serious business that shouldn’t be taken for jokes as observed in Kogi State today. To keep mute when bad thing is at display is highly uncivil and to join in carrying out such act is a sin. For this reason, we will not cease to clamour for good and responsible governance in Kogi State.

Kogi as a state is greater than anyone’s interest, both the leaders and the lead. It is also pertinent to note that Kogi state will live even when you are not.

The past 3 years have been marked by a number of events that are accurately described as tragedies. The hunger, insecurities, increase in death rate, huge salary debt and the stigmatization of the state for ill-governance among other states are combined into a string of events that is unparalleled in our memories.

All these are evil intent directed toward the innocent population. Seeing each of these situations leaves an indelible mark on each of us, especially as it involves children who had to drop from schools due to poor finances of their parents, or the elderly ones whose Pensions have not been paid for years now.

The effects of tragedy can be much more difficult when viewed up close, knowing people in the State whose physical frame work has been changed due to hunger and starvation calls for worries and sadness.

Empathy is unavoidable when we know the names and families of those who are in the middle of these horrendous situation. But knowing fully well that the storm will soon be over as those who claimed to be in control of affairs today will not be there forever, however, our faith has been strengthened, even when we have no words to express the grief that surrounds us, because Faith is the last refuge in this storm and can lift the Oppressed from the depths of despair unleashing on them by the Government of Yahoo Boys (GYB) in the state.

– Ibrahim Attah Tijani

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