The Plight of Kogi Workers

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Kogi state civil servants are currently in abject poverty over non-payment of salary for several months coupled with the cruel leadership style of Yahyah Bello, but to our great surprise the Governor started boasting of his second term aspiration after he had a closed door meeting with President Muhammad Buhari, after that meeting the governor started making unguarded comments that nobody can unseat him as incumbent Governor of Kogi state.

Because of his desperation and since he has lost all popularity among Koguys, he decided to connive with traditional rulers on Wednesday, June 2019, they took Governor Yahaya Bello to President Muhammadu Buhari as their endorsed candidate for the state‘s November Governorship election.

The monarchs have traded their reputation with cheap price and they became the talk of the town and stooped so low in the eyes of their subjects and this has caused them insubordination in their various communities, they all knew the situation on ground ranging from political dispensation to economic drain in the state but they choose to remain mute and collect money to ridicule their followers.

This visit came up as a surprise to many people taken into consideration how the governor failed to utilize all the golden opportunities he had for over three years, he could not achieve anything whether in terms of infrastructural or economic growth in the state despite all the potential resources in the state.

Till date salary in Kogi state still remains an issue, the judiciary as an arm of government is still battling on how to get their remaining salary even after the court ruling. The worst political tsunami that will happen to APC in Kogi state is to fill the candidature of Yahaya Bello as the flag-bearer of the party. The hardship experience by Kogites remain fresh and the endless screening for over three years, the state has witnessed the doomed era of political misrule leadership of its kind which as matter of fact we must liberate our people from this kind of leadership. It is time to gang up against any misrule in Kogi state from now to November.

– Mansur Salis

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