The Failure of APC Dealers

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Prior to 2015 election, Nigerians felt Jonathan led Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) government wasn’t doing well, in terms of addressing our problems, unable to quench the insecurity in the country, North East precisely. Without wasting time, majority of Nigerians then opted for APC-Buhari as both alternative and replacement for PDP with the high hopes and confidence that APC will summon all these challenges including the tag of insecurity and corruption hanging on the neck of PDP government led by Goodluck Jonathan as at then.

Seven years after, Buhari led All Progressives Congress (APC) government is still shamefully blaming PDP for every woes, failure and mismanagement of the country.

Shockingly, APC didn’t just blame PDP over its failure in the administration of Nigeria and governance, they also blamed PDP for their recurrent failure in party management which led to unresolvable crisis and factions across the country.

More so, they accused and blamed PDP for their inability to organize their convention since 2020 until few weeks ago.

How do we explain this incompetence from a group of political dealers whose sole interest is to hold unto power without knowing what to do with it?

Unfortunately, Nigerian insecurity situation has taken a more terrible dimension far beyond the grumbles and complains of Nigerians under the PDP administration. Insecurity has impacted negatively on the psycho- social status of Nigerians as more people now feel paranoid with unexplainable fear leading to anxiety disorder, depression and insomnia.

APC government under the very tired Muhammadu Buhari has mismanaged the country to extent that when Nigerians wake up from sleep, if at all they sleep, to hear any good news again aside the killing and killing and kidnapping of Nigerians by terrorists.

As at April 2, 2022 an online edition of a newspaper reported that no fewer than 1,545 persons have been killed by terrorists within the first quarter of 2022. Also, a joint report by Community of Practice Against Mass Atrocities and the Joint Action Civil Society Committee under the aegis of Nigerians Mourns, report disclosed that at least 1,321 persons were abducted by the terrorists between January 1 and March 31, 2022.

It is so terrible under the watch of a supposed military General that Nigerians now feel it is a taboo or crime to wake up and hear good news.

As 2023 general election presents itself, it is another golden opportunity for Nigerians to decide their own fate and destiny as to the type of governance they so desire.

Nigerians have tested the doomed changed agents and have clearly seen the gross incompetence by APC govt. We have experienced lies, fraud and scam unleashed by APC for seven years, it is time to embrace good governance with pro- people policy.

Let me remind us that APC governors including the governor of Buhari’s home State Kastina, Bello Masari, have urged Nigerians to secure arms and ammunition and defend themselves from the grip of bandits and terrorists. What an honest indictment! What message are Nigerians waiting for again in 2023?

For sure, with PDP in govt, we shall get out of this. When we vote in a very competent, intelligent, exposed, experienced, decisive and detribalized President, who is full of enormous capacity and vigour to summon and address our challenges as a people.

Finally, if Nigerians had known that Buhari and APC are only coming to blame PDP even after seven years in govt, they wouldn’t have voted the toxic party in the first place, because Nigerians themselves can apportion blame without needing the deceitful approach deployed by APC dealers.

– Oluade Gbenga Bright

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