The Dark and Savagery Period of Anyigba Town

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It is believed that in the 21st century known as computer age and the activities of the savagery period are left for sociological and anthropological analysis with the purpose of theory formulation and artistic documentation to breeze the gap between the past and the present for future development of societal norms, value and folklore, but unfortunately the activities in my hometown has probed many wrong.

Despite the brutal and archaic nature of the medieval period when survival of Neanderthals and other mammalian were based on the fittest, it is believed in comparison with the current violence and killing activities in Anyigba, the then period is more refined and humane with the spirit of togetherness to what we are currently experience.

It is worrisome and unimaginable the rate of killing and other social vices in my hometown everyday. The love for hate and hate for love reign supreme, shedding of innocents blood has become the pride of my generation. All forms of destructive activities is the only language that is understandable among the people. Indeed we have lost value for human life and properties hence the mercy of God has departed from us long ago.

Anyigba by province is the nerve center of sociocultural, economy and political based of Igala Nation, but it has becomes the shadow of it self. Investors of produced and other production activities had gradually sealed off their businesses not because we have no viable markets or road network accessibility but their life, money and properties  were not saved.

The extra judicial killing under the anguish of political affiliations and cultism has been on the increase lately. 

Institution of higher learning was supposed to be a source of enlightenment and development to every area situated but recently the activities of delinquency, confraternity and disorientations of the youth and those of tender ages has polluted the university community with killing, robbery and rapping of their fellow students and innocents people. The establishment of the University is more harmful to the people in the face of prevalent security despite the positive impact to the community while cases of gun running both in and around the campuses becomes hallmark of students. 

My Prayers

Individual Level: At our individual level we must do away from greed, selfishness and political desperation in our dealings. Whatever is not meant to be can never be no amount of gun running can stop or change the will of God. It is pertinent for us to remember that the victory of evil over good is not but temporary. Anyone that is involved in the activities of buying weapons of distraction to the youth to attained a certain height in life such act goes with certain repercussion.

A day is coming when those weapons will be used against your interest that am assuring you. It is awkward that people tend to forget KARMA as a natural theory of relentless force no matter one class of attainment, it will hunt you one day. Let us be prayerful in our various faith against this disastrous wicked act of those who decide who get what, when and how in our society. Parents should also try as much as possible to be a good parent to their children else on the day of judgment we shall be accountable for our inhumane attitude to man. 

The Traditional Institution: It is acceptable in our contemporary societal etymology the uses of the term ‘Aboriginal’, which implies primitive and indigenous settlers of an areas with historical and scientific records. The aboriginal of Anyigba town falls on the following decedent’s of Ameh Ohiegaa:
1) Akwu Akpele
2) Akogwu Akpele
3) Ooche
4) Itodo Ote
5) Onoja Agbagwula and
6) Itodo Ogoh

It is the responsibilities of all indigenes and most importantly the ruling houses to checkmate the violence/killing activities in Anyigba town and find a lasting solution to ameliorate it before it consume everyone.

During the late 80s and early 90s, the community indulged in self local vigilante arrangement both on the high way and local streets in which shops owners were made to pay a vigilante levy every month and the activities of the hoodlums where put to an end outrightly.

It is imperative that the traditional council, the Ogohi/Onu Anyigba, all Gagos and Madaki’s without political influence should evolve a way of bringing back same security tactics as urgent as possible for safety of Anyigba and it community. (May God Almighty forgive his shortcomings Umoru Rent More for his efforts).

The Local Government Council: Anyigba is a nerve center of political and socioeconomic activities of Dekina Local Government Area and Igala Nation at large and the town is bounded by Ologba to the North, Agbeji to the South, Egume to the East and Ajiolo to the West. The local government is saddled with the responsibilities of securing the life and properties of everyone. I want to call on the Chairman to work out modalities along with the various security personnel to arrest the situation immediately for peaceful coexistence and development of the town. Please note, all the modalities should be devoid of political interest.

The State Government: It is pertinent that the new direction government of Governor Yahaya Bello has been clamouring for the sustainability of securities of life and properties in the state, unfortunately such calls has no effective measures on the people of Anyigba community and it environment.

I want to use this avenue to call on the state government to deploy more security apparatus without party inclination to secure the environment, people, properties and the need to bring  perpetrator of this dastard act to book. Leadership is a social contract between the rule and the rulers and certain expectation must be meet before such contract can be successful. Most importantly that of security of life of properties is the cardinal objectives of such contract. People can no longer sleep with two eyes closed, others can not even come to their houses, several people are already on self amnesty because of insecurities in this enclaves.

We can change this narration as an individual and group to rewrite a positive history for the sake of God Almighty, for the sake of our tomorrow, for the sake of the next generation. Thank you all.

– Sule Isa Akagwu Kpaleko writes from Anyigba, Kogi State.

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