The Confluence In Kogi

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The confluence in Lokoja, Kogi State Nigeria is the point where rivers Niger and Benue meet. The confluence projects Kogi as an international centre of interest and a tourist destination. Kogi State got its alias name “The Confluence State” from this natural landmark. 

River Benue originates from Central African Republic at a place called “Adamawa Plateau”, it then flows through northern Cameroon, and enters Nigeria through Imburu in Adamawa state, from there it flows on through Ibbi in Taraba State, through Makurdi in Benue State, through Shata in Nasarawa State, through Bagana, an Igala speaking community in Omala LGA of Kogi State, and empties into the confluence in Lokoja.

River Niger on the other hand originates from the Guinea Highlands in Guinea, passes through Mali, Niger, Benin Republic (in that order), before entering Nigeria through Yauri in Kebbi State, flows through Baro in Niger State, and through Budon, the Kakanda speaking community in Kotonkarfi LGA of Kogi State, and empties into the confluence in Lokoja.

At the point the both rivers meet, they form a phenomenal “Y” shape that can be spotted from the top of Mount Patti in Lokoja. While River Niger is brownish in colour, River Benue on the other hand is light greenish. Of the two rivers, River Niger is larger.

From the confluence point in Lokoja, the river travels southwards through a community called Ohunene in Ajaokuta LGA of Kogi State, to Idah, an Igala Speaking community in Idah LGA of Kogi State, down to Onitsha in Anambra state, to Imo state, to Delta state, to  Rivers State, to Bayelsa state, and pours into the Gulf of Guinea.

The striking thing about the great body of water is that it contacts the three senatorial districts of Kogi West, East and Central.

– Enefola Victor Levi

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