The Candor of Yahaya Bello and The Enemies of Kogi (Part 1)

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Pondering on the activities and players of the administration that governed Kogi state between 2012 and 2016, it is pertinent to note that our dear state had witnessed a plunge and depletion in governance statute anchored principally on administrative paralysis.

In the growling catalogue of the State at that time it was clear that Kogi was   in romance with bankruptcy and total meltdown. Merit was sacrificed on the altar of mediocrity, our people needed the mind of an animal to survive the excruciating pains called policies orchestrated by the then PDP administration which was pivotal to the stagnant position Kogi had found itself. In a turn of events, the administration lost its compass and was berthed by total rejection by Kogites and its candidate during the November 2015 gubernatorial elections was voted out of Lugard House.

But long before that electoral loss, while the administration held sway a greater chunk of generated revenues from IGR and an average percentage from monthly federal allocations received by the PDP led state government  were converted to use by a few cabals in government at the expense of our common patrimony as a people.

Our reflections as a people brings to bear and fore that between 2012 and 2016 the PDP led administration bestowed on Kogites the parlance of  hopelessness, poverty, godfatherism, babaism, horse-trading, browbeating, talk to step aside culture and imposition of preferred candidates of the godfathers. The rate of unemployment, insecurity and  corruption of high powered level which had  virtually paralyzed all semblance of government, because as it seemed, the policies and agenda of the administration was geared towards protection of the rich and only the rich.

Several policies introduced by the past administration was facilitated as conduit pipe to siphon funds. Kogi was a rogue state ruled by a civilian cabal, who had commercialized and mortgaged theirconscience, showcased by looting and self-aggrandizement. The clearest symbol of this decay was  the virtual near collapse of the security situation in Kogi state.

In the wake of the November 2015 governorship elections, Kogi decided to  fight its enemies that had held it ransom and had agreed in unisom to build another Kogi  state come 2016 where the needs of the masses are considered and not the greed of a few elites who determine and shape the economy for their benefit alone. Between 2012 and 2016, the situation in Kogi could be defined as a state of unfulfilled dreams, potential that is not realised, poverty in the midst of wealth, total lack of inspiration and  direction.

Indeed, November 2019 would be the sunset for the PDP in Kogi state.
From the past to the present, taking a lead on the activities of the Yahaya Bello-led Kogi state government, there is a deep need to state that a paradigm shift has occurred in the Kogi governance statute and the  narrative of mis-governance and developmental redundancy been stapled on the administration is totally a misinformed opinion by the Enemies of Kogi State.

Today Kogi state has in its bosom the man who is making significant imprints in the sands of time. This outstanding patriot who crescendos to the emergence of a New Kogi state. His giant strides and force of his vision has made him one of the outstanding Governors in Nigeria. Governor Bello’s achievements in critical sectors in Kogi state are worthy of note.
Yahaya  Bello has unarguably laid a new foundation in Kogi state based on his precept as a prudent manager of men and resources and most importantly his strides in the area of security, road construction, health care, agriculture, historic systemic gender mainstreaming and women/youths empowerment as the only Governor in the history of Kogi state that has engaged the highest number of women and youths in  government in cortical sectors.

Yahaya Bello’s effort to give Kogi women a better deal is unprecedented as he has broken the gender relegation jinx of past administrations and has succeed in embracing the affirmation of women empowerment and political inclusion with the integration and appointment of over 50 women in the government. He shown himself to be a patriot of profound knowledge, comprehension and possesses strong due convictions in the unity of Kogi state. He has successively played a critical role in the harmonization of all tribes and tongues thereby re-positioning the political landscape of Kogi state.

In the build up to the forthcoming gubernatorial elections, it is a truism that the Enemies of Kogi State have regrouped and hope to emerge on the saddle for a replicable ascent to our patrimony. But the bad news is that the people are wiser and are ready for the last balkanization of the PDP at the ballot.

– Arc Amdii. A. Amdii (ZAGURU)
Convener, The Candidates Forum

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