Kogi State Between 2015 and 2019; Lessons Through Despair

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It is called “depression”; a feeling of hopelessness, despondency and apathy; a psychological state that hardly discriminate. It happens to cowards as well as to the brave. Indeed, history is replete with accounts of very courageous men who in their privacy succumbed to depression and discouragement  and pain.

Kogi people and indeed Kogi state had in the last four years can never agree that the hopeless situation and pains they had gone through was because they lack courage to choose a leader of their choice through the ballot, rather, they  will gleefully and despondently averred that fate was unkind to them to have allowed the man they voted for demised and allowed people who was never part of them decide for them who should inherited their goodwill unsolicited! They therefore for the past four years had been grieving and sad.

Comforting grieving people is one of the most difficult thing to embark upon especially when one is not a trained professional.

In times of grief, some questions are extremely difficult if not impossible to answer, especially from those wondering why God preferred not to intervene in preventing the coming to power of despotic and  wicked leaders whom they did not vote for. But then,life is a mystery and full of many unanswered questions.

It is quite instructive that Elijah the great prophet of God also had this experience. In the Holy Bible, 1Kings chapter 19:9 we find him seek lodging in a cave out of grief despondency. In this case, he was very jealous for the LORD God of hosts whose covenant the children of Israel had forsaken. He felt threatened and lonely in the path of righteousness and hid himself.
But the Lord visited him right there.

That encounter holds so much lessons for us as a  people in Kogi state today. God of Heavens is about to visit Kogi in their “cave” of despondency. For the thousands and one citizens of Kogi State as are tired of the terribly sordid situations of the last four years, come let us reason together.

Admiral Usman Jibril is the instrument in the hand of God of Heavens for visitation and deliverance of kogi people and Kogi state from the morbid shakes of oppression, depression and pains.

Whenever the humanly unexplainable strikes, people should always remember that God ruleth in the whole affairs of men. He understands and is in control of every thing, even as they may never understand why certain things happen and why God in His wisdom allowed them. What people must hold certain however and the eternal lessons is, whatever you are now or have was given to you by God for a purpose to serve humanity for the pleasure and happiness of God Almighty and not to subjugate them.

Looking at the life situations in Kogi state in the last four years, people indeed had passed through the valley of the shadow of dead, life had been made extremely difficult for families, business and all, they must however hold fast without wavering, undaunting and be extremely bold at their resolve to exterminating those agents of oppression.

The shadow of good tidings beckons as Kogi surges towards November guber 2019 election. Embrace and support Team Usman. No one is said to be as limited as he who is bereft of the whole truth. The entire truth is that Kogi people are totally tired and exhausted and desire total overhauling. Only a very well experienced administrator can handle such. Self confidence in the face of blatant failure of performance as a Governor is the product of gross ignorance. This is the major reason many sitting Governors suffered untold defeats and failure in their second term bids in Nigeria.

How they often exaggerate their strength and boast of virtues they do not posses, what then  will safe and free Kogi state governor from the unreasonable trust and confidence in self ? No amount of money can safe a despot that had squandered Godly and human goodwill in the face of juvenile arrogance.

Whatever form of oppression and suffering Kogi people may have suffered and are suffering over the years, they need to realise that the set time for their set free is here.

Kogi people should urgently and wholly line up behind Admiral Usman Jibril, a former Chief of Naval staff of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, now a full fledged democrat, a gentleman to the core and an ardent lover of the people.

They should arise, take up the faith, bravery, confidence and resolution to break the yoke.

People must resolve not to continue hating themselves across ethnocentric sentiments for flimsy consideration but to forge together in the rejection of evil of physical, moral, social poverty and maladministration. Hunger and pains are no respecter of border.

As the people in Kogi inches towards the November 2019 guber election, the terrible lessons from the last four years of wilderness journey, the lessons in sufferings, agony pains and death of loved ones must not be allowed to be lost in the face of the oppressors dolling out mint naira notes.

Make yourselves ready and positively poised towards the realisation of the  dangers inherent in continuing the next four year in pains.

– Musa Bakare writes from Lokoja.

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