Suegbè Politicians in Kogi State

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Distant from the usual hyperbolic impression that says the Kogi State Government, powering under the All Progressives Congress, APC, might be fighting herself all from the inside, I could bet my rebellion that the Yahaya Bello led Government is gradually re-arranging its House in gear five for 2019.

The recently concluded APC Ward Congresses across the state is a Tom-Tom of my conclusion. From the civility displayed, to the joint-return of All Progressives politicians, Government appointees and the atmosphere of conventional satisfaction across board.

Like I wrote sometime last year, the ship that was known was “Kogi State” with all her social and political accoutrements have been dismantled. It was crashed. The people wailed, however, there couldn’t be any form of patching for a structure that was solemnly buried in mediocrity. Now, the rebuilding process is not computer-perfect but human-perfect. A situation whereby citizens from different root levels can conduct themselves into the acceptance of playing political roles according to their strengths.

Regardless of what anyone thinks, politics doesn’t confound to the apropos of emotions, neither does it sex the embers of suegbeism, according to Fela.

You do not have to agree with me, but then of course, we don’t sign registers before people die, hence, we don’t sign any register before reality kicks in.

For those who do not know, a lot of compensation and consolidation were concessioned during the ward congresses, with popular leaders, returned and some with managerial issues, pipped to up their game.

While at this, the major opposition in the state is still playing “we have a surprise package” even with declaring their flag bearers. Besides that, the headless opposition is in a katangora of confusion due to the number of vested interests and aspirants jostling for one position.

They will only keep analyzing their open wounds on social media, recanting non-payment of salaries as if it is their party anthem , insulting anyone who chose their political sides as “hired men”, while not lifting a finger to declare a consensus candidate or even register to get a PVC. Regardless of the media hype and level of mass-opinion, 2019 would be like MMM.

Suegbe politicians only masturbate and whine on social media. Kpako Politicians, return to the creek and engage in open, decisive, planned and coordinated political actions.

Keep deceiving yourselves with the suspense. Keep feeding yourself that lie that anyone who comes up last minute would coast home to victory on the collective hate you’ve used the media to create. Alachi doesn’t win elections, not when God is involved.

We are certainly heading towards a New Direction. Suegbe politician should park well.

Rebellion is my calling!

– Promise Emmanuel (Kogi Rebel)

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