Stephen Curry The Underrated

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Wardell Stephen Curry ll is now widely considered as the greatest shooter in the history of NBA basketball. Stephen Curry’s ability to shoot the ball is beyond words and measures. He is quite known with his phenomenal three point shots, not just three points shots but long distance shooting which gives excitement to whoever sees him playing, especially Golden State Warriors fans which he is currently playing for.

But all his gifts and talents did not just came naturally it took long years of dedication, resilience hard work and sacrifice. The younger Stephen curry was criticized a lot for him being skinny and undersized who will not make it in the basketball world.

The are setbacks and challenges he faced during his early career as a basketball player all because he faced a lot of injuries, him being undersized and also height difference from other basketball players.

Amidst those setbacks and challenges what kept him going during his early career is his quote saying “I do not want to prove them wrong but I want to prove myself right”. These are the words that kept Stephen to determined to be the best basketball player he can ever be.

Stephen Curry started his career at Davidson college California USA. This is the point where he started developing his craft and used his size as an advantage. He led the Davidson college to the elite eight which is  almost a championship.

This scenario did not hold him back as he went further to pursue his career as an NBA player, he was drafted as the 7th overall pick in the 2009 NBA draft. His early career as an NBA player was quite a lot of trouble whereby he was dealing with ankle injuries. The motivation to stay in the NBA was quite a pressure on him but he is not a type to back down.

A journey from 2015-2022 was a great and many achievements for Stephen curry where in the year 2015 which was his peak which he won league MVP award and also won a Championship title and the following year he won league MVP and led his team to the best regular season record in NBA history. So many achievements has happened along the line but there one major achievement that sports analysis and media criticized him for which is the finals MVP.

All through the injuries from 2020-2022 Stephen curry played for his team as the only superstar for Golden State warriors. He shut the mouth of critics who said he will never win a championship title again neither will he win a finals MVP. He therefore led his team to a championship title and won finals MVP as a crown achievement in Year 2022.

Wardell Stephen Curry ll changed the game of basketball whereby players nowadays likes shooting from three point line. Till this day he remains the greatest shooter in the history of basketball.

– Fred-laniru Toluwanimi Samuel
Department: Mass communication,
Prince Abubakar Audu University, Anyigba, Kogi State.

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