‘Shiru for Social Change’: Adding Beauty to Team Shiru

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The First time I came across this phrase “Shiru For Social Change” (SSC) my heart prick considering the fact that there is going to be a whole lot of hard work to achieve the wide big dream by the present Government.
I never knew there is going to be a smart thinking Idea that will soon surface and surprise many people in the local government.
The conceived idea (SSC) to my thinking was a dream that will take a much longer period to become a reality, but little did I know, it is an idea realisable within the first one(1) year of Hon Shiru Lawal the sole administrator of Lokoja local government.
SSC is seems to be manifesto of the local government that gear toward transforming every sector of the government at the grass root which is translating to touch everyone in the local government.
SSC means- Hon Shiru and the people of Lokoja local government have enter into a pack to bring good health facilities. At the moment the Administrator is bend on revitalizing the primary health care centres that are in a serious state of comma.
In his first official visit to kongbanI, karara road and others, the Honourable administrator  gave a standing order for the entire primary health care center should be renovated and stock with drugs and equipments that can improve the health of the indigenes. Same goes to some dilabidated primary health care clinics in the local government.
SSC means- Hon Shiru is saying there must be good portable water, yes one can confidently say that  the ancient city of Lokoja, the base of the paramount ruler of Muhammadu Maikarfi  the Administrative headquarter of Kogi state is wearing a beautiful looks as infrastructurs are being constructed to almost every nooks and cranny of the areas.
SSC means- The distinguished Honorable Administrator of the ancient city in the state capital must be clean and hygienic. This can be seen through ministry of environment whereby the Honourable commissioner embarks in a constant routine of refused evacuation and cleaning of all the major streets, this is adding beauty and making Lokoja hygienic and diseases free.
SSC means- Hon Shiru has vowed to change the bad norms associated with Lokoja local government by making sure that System of administration revolving around the local government affects children and women who are the most vulnerable. He promised work on all the primary health care, primary schools, secondary schools.
I salutes all the Team of Lokoja local government administrator  under this administration, they came and they are well fitted in into the Job because of the dreams Governor Yahaya Bello saw to change Kogi for good.
SSC means- Every sector must work to bring the dividends of democracy at the grass root
SSC means Business, business in the sense that any common man must feel the impact of this government as the pride of any Democratically elected or appointed Government is to transform and make people comfortable and happy.
SSC means people must be guarantee of their means of lively hood, of their security and their stomach infrastructure is well taken care of.
Indeed no two ways about it, no matter who stand in the view of critics and opposition when you look at a spade who have to call it a spade, it has no other name than a “spade”
Shiru means business! Shiru is working!!
Let’s all support Hon Shiru Lawal to transform ashes for beauty in Lokoja local government area.
– Mubaraq Yasmin

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