Senator Aidoko Sir, Kogi East Must Be Free

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Kogi east senatorial districts had been kidnapped by senator Attai Ali Aidoko Usman with the intention to convert our resources into his pockets. I know kidnap as implied here will amaze my wonderful readers but here is my body language;
Sequel to a rejoinder on way forward for Kogi Easterners by Yusuf Abubakar where he claimed a PDP primaries was conducted which Aidoko won. It baffles me each time some of these hoodwink comes to the fore to do the expected bidding. Exonerating their paymasters as if there were no iota of morality in them. For the politicians, we can understand that morality becomes a sin the moment they venture into politics. But why has those PA’s and special advisers who are mostly picked from slums suddenly forget where they are coming from the moment crumbs flows into their pocket?
Again, Yusuf said and I quote, “It will not augur well for the people of Kogi East to continue on for trend of threatening brimstone and fire over the conclusive primary election that saw the emergence of Kogi East Senator, Attai Aidoko Ali.” What an high level of impunity? It would amount to needless argument saying no primary was conducted but could this be the reason Aidoko paid AIT hugely just to be listed as the Senatorial candidate (Kogi east) in it’s National broadcast? Well, my time is too precious for this topic because everyone is aware that Aidoko remains the arch enemy of the land. He hide under the pretentious operation save Kogi to clinched the corridor of power. He deceived the vulnerable Kogites who crave for rescue into doing the unimaginable. Today, the aspirations of those who worked tirelessly for him over eleven years ago are no longer important.
For those claiming Aidoko is credible enough for continuity, if as usual, his re-election bids is about himself and cronies I recline. But if otherwise, I urged him to do a street by street work round the nine LG in Kogi east to ascertain people’s loyalty. If he can get up to two percent of the total votes I will add the 98 percent.
Aidoko and his e-minions lack both moral and political jurisdiction to suggest to us whom to vote for or against. Contrary to the barbaric insinuation by Yusuf Abubakar on the odds of voting Echocho, Igala/Bassa have taken their destiny in their hands and they have a major say in the fast approaching election.
A child that says its mother would not sleep should also be prepared to stay awake. Since Aidoko has hampered the existence of justice in Kogi east, he should be ready to dance the political shaku-shaku that will play in 2019. Abasi Nbok! Saraki’s current dangles in Kogi politics would be a child play. Let Buhari/Atiku endorse him. In fact, Saraki and Dogara can mobile every legislative members for him. The masses have the final say. I just hope PDP (kogi east) will accept my condolences for been killed on arrival.
Pretender-democrats should return to their shell. Liberating kogi east is non negotiable. It is a norm-rationale between the society itself and aspirants. So Aidoko can go ahead with all his gimmickry and gibberish, justice must rejuvenate.
– John Paul
Operation Win Back Kogi State.

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