Sen Smart Commends Gov. Bello for Purposeful Leadership, Urges Him to Remain Focused

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By Onogwu Mohammed Galacticus.


Former National President of the Nigerian Union of Journalist and two time senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria who represented Kogi West Senatorial District, Sen Smart Adeyemi has commended the governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello for installing leadership of purpose in Kogi while urging him to remain focused, not to give attention to distraction by those he termed ‘enemies of the state’.


Senator Adeyemi made the commendation while on a courtesy call on Governor Yahaya Bello earlier today in company of his supporters and party members, local government party excos from Kogi West including Lokoja and Kogi local government areas.


Speaking on his visit to the governor “Your Excellency, this visit was only recently arranged and it is a fallout of the recent interview I had in Lagos where somebody said I cannot walk on the streets of Lokoja, so I had to remind him that Lokoja is our home. As at this morning, there were 65 buses waiting to join me to come and see you as our governor. I have always collectively defended Kogi State in my political journey. I have always fought for big projects. Today, I have a golden opportunity to speak and I thank you for this privilege, Your Excellency, to let opinion leaders of our state know what it means to have a good representative”. Adeyemi said.


“Your Excellency, you are not doing bad as the governor of our state, based on the resources available and problems you inherited. We are aware in Kogi State that there were people living in Enugu, Lagos, Kano whose names were on the payroll in Kogi State. Before you came on ,Your Excellency, there were people they called “Stakeholders”. Every month, they take money from local government areas and give to them. We had institutionalised corruption in this state and if such situation is not remedied there is no way the state can move forward. I commend your political will to embark on the civil service reform”. Adeyemi added.


Speaking on the improved security situation of the state, Adeyemi said the governor has done exceptionally well in the area of security, there was a time we could not come to Kogi. Today when I was coming, somebody asked how many Mopol (armed police officers) do I need, and I said Kogi is not like you know it before. I must thank you for making our lives and property safe.”


Senator Adeyemi also commended the state governor for improving the signatory condition of Lokoja metropolis. “When I came into Lokoja, I saw a face of what a state capital should be. As I approached the Government House, I was asking myself, “Is this the Government House?”, because it was like I was in the Villa as this place has changed”.


While describing criticism as catalyst for development, Adeyemi charged those who criticize the government to be constructive when they have cause to do so. “When you engage and have cause to criticise, you criticise on the basis of programmes and policies and you don’t go personal or condemn them. I was in the PDP, I had cause to disagree with governors, but I never went personal with them. Criticism is a catalyst for development, if it is constructive.”

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