Scam: Kogi Govt Aided by NAKOSS Exposed on N84m Extortion

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Kogi State Government aided by National Association of Kogi State Students (NAKOSS) has been exposed to have extorted students to the tune of N84,758,350 between 2016 to 2017.
Information gathered has exposed the shameless scam under the guise of Bursary payments to Kogi State Students all around Nigeria.
It is pitiable that this scam have been left to continue even under the new direction government of His Excellency Bello Yahaya.
Different sources lamented that the Kogi State Government since 2015 has asked all Kogi State students to pay certain amount of money to allow them access its bursary and scholarship facilities.
In 2015, the students were asked to pay the sum of N800 to be able to have access to the scholarship and bursary funds but only very few using first bank were paid from the N800 paid by 25,205 totaling N20,164,000.
It is on record that Matifo, the then Senior Special Assistant to the governor on Student Matters, said that N30 million was released in September 2015 as bursary for 25,000 students.
The question is how possible could this be when N30,000,000 divided by the said 25,000 students is N1,200 each?
Why not pay N400 outrightly to the said 25,000 students? Why charge them N800 to access N1,200? Further findings showed that less than 500 students got paid this same scam in 2015.
In 2016 Kogi State indigenous students in tertiary institutions according to the scholarship board 2016 statistics was 31,721 in numbers across Nigeria.
Another N800 was collected from the students through the NAKOSS chapters of various institute by a table payments. The worst started showing its ugly face as no single person had access to either a scholarship or bursary.
The in 2017, Following the  announcement of the new direction government that  2017 bursary be increased by
300% the scholarship board recorded an all time increase to 60,587 students who paid an access fee of N650 to enjoy the kind gesture of the new direction government.
This number includes kogi state indigenous students from NCE, schools of Nursing, Health Tech, polytechnic and universities.
Students became excited about this promise and all went out to make payments via as announced by students bodies of various institutions in Nigeria.
A media influencer who chose to be anonymous told us that he suspected a foul play following the manner of calls and text forwarded to his phone from two excos, one of the students union body in Kogi State and another of National Association KSU chapter of Kogi State students, asking him to make a press release introducing the payment website to the students to start making payments.
“…While I was at the scholarship board for statistics and confirmation, a staff scolded me for been so foolish to have paid N650 to access bursary when kogi state staffs are been owed month to 15 months salary” said this reporter.
Since the Governor Yayaha Bello became kogi state governor he has never released a single penny for neither scholarship nor bursary fund yet the total of N64,758,350 has been fraudulently received from its indigenous students across Nigeria.
– Ogiri Cosmos

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