Sallah: Engr Okino Task Muslims to Imbibe Spirit of Togetherness

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Engr Abdullahi Malik Okino, a leading senate aspirant of Kogi central senatorial district commemorate with the Muslim Ummah on the occasion of this year’s eid exultation.
In his message to muslims, he called on the faithful to use the cycle for solemn reflection and to imbibe the spirit of togetherness for peace, unity and progress of kogi central, Kogi state and Nigeria at large.
He noted that, peaceful coexistence and understanding as well as sustained prayers among citizen were essential in the face of the current economic, security and political challenges in the nation.
He said this in his goodwill message for the eid celebration that, irrespective of our sentiment, political divides, we must all work together to revitalise our state.
“Kogites must come together, irrespective of our political difference and leaning and dispense our quota to the development of Kogi state. I have no doubt in mind that kogi state and Nigeria at large will expeditiously overcome its current economic challenges”, Engr Okino said.
He added that, Muslims should embrace the teachings of the holy Qu’ran and exemplary qualities of prophet Muhammed (PBUH) by demonstrating love, unity, kinship, brotherhood, altruism, selflessness and alms-giving in their daily pursuits. As a society, we must continue to live in peace and harmony regardless of our political differences and sentiments. We should see our differences as an advantage and not a misfortune.
He appealed that, the significance of this season should be beyond festivities but towards a sincere commitment to righteous conduct in private and public lives. He prayed that, may the eid celebration bring peace, breakthrough and upliftment to our society.

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