2023 Legislative Mandate: Yagba Federal Constituency Deserve a Humble, Accessible Lawmaker

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The event of the past four years in Yagba Federal Constituency calls for proper appraisal of occupant of the various elected offices.

The need to evaluate the exercise of their mandate can not come at a better time than now since another elections is around season is around the corner.

It is therefore paramount to consider the characteristics of each of the candidate for the legislative office in Yagba Federal Constituency which should be a big yardstick to elect the next House of Representatives Member.

This time around the Yagba people deserves a humble, accessible and God-fearing representative, not the arrogant and egocentric representatives who solely believe in the power of money to control the people.

It would be a grievous error and de-service to the peace loving people of Yagba Land to continue to parade an arrogant and egocentric lawmaker that is not approachable for help and assistance when the need arises.

The Yagba people do not need a man who only believe his money is all that it takes to continue to control people’s votes and political destiny.

Engineer Folorunsho Olafemi is a better option for the representatives job because of his humble disposition and down to earth nature.

Apart from his good looks and homely character those who have had dealings with can attest to his sincere love and concern for the people of Yagba Land no single traces of pride and arrogance is found in him, he is known to often accord good sense of respect to everyone one who comes to him in-respectful of social status.

It is common knowledge that Engineer Folorunsho Olafemi is a gentleman to the core and he is very reliable and dependable.

He is man of his words with sound pedigree and moral background. A young, highly intelligent, well traveled and God-fearing man whose sole desire is to serve the people to the best of his ability

– Engineer David Omoniyi, a son of Makutu Isanlu, writes from Lagos.

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