Riposte: Primate Elijah Ayodele and His Political Predictions on 2023 Kogi State Governorship

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It is good that Primate Ayodele is aware of who Leke Abejide is, it is also reasonable to say Leke is known in the spiritual realm for his service to the people, the heavens and the people are pleased with him.

This is not in defense of Leke Abejide the governorship candidate of ADC in the Kogi state, but  Primate Ayodele should not intellectually and spiritually deform himself with some of his prophecies.

This write-up is not to defend Leke Abejide but to save the people Primate Ayodele leads spiritually from doom. Also, is a defense of commonsense and a defense of the culture of public discourse which, unfortunately, has dived below the mark of decent coition of ideas and cocktails of facts spiritually.

Many have listened to the prophecies of Primate Ayodele over the years, especially in the 2023 Presidential elections, and one will wonder if God speaks through him or if he speaks for himself, God is not an author of confusion. Therefore, let the people hear from God.

Referring back to some of his political predictions, that could not be termed as prophecies, I must say, It is quite unfortunate that some pastors now see political predictions as prophecies.

During the last election, the Primate delivered what he termed to be what God showed him in the spiritual realm while God himself manifested his power as Tinubu was sworn in as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria even after all his prophesies and some other prophecies.

Government and governance business is not a cultic venture, neither is it a prophetic business, the people have the constitutional right to vote and know who has competence, character and charisma to deliver through diligence, all these political predictions decorated to be prophecies are a mishmash of Jejune.

We will do Kogi state and future generations to come a lot of good if we begin to water the culture of a more fertile public debate than dishing out cumbias of political prophesies. This unhealthy reductionism of bringing down serious issues about Kogi state to political prophecy which in a real sense requires intense intellectual reflection and honest introspection is a great disservice in favor of whoever Primate Elijah Ayodele is trying to prophesy for.

Many a problem bedeviling Kogi state is attributed to our lack of sincerity to look at the problems objectively and call a spade by its name, no matter whose ox is gored. Let there be more prayer for the state and, let there be more sincere engagement for Kogi to succeed not political gambling in the spiritual realm.

– Abraham Ibukun writes from Ejiba, Kogi State

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