Riposte: Anyegwu is Not Corrupt Like Some of You

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Every human being born of a woman is entitled to his or her opinion. This is not an attempt to say, you and I have the right to express an uninformed opinion. Lobbying is not bribery. It is allowed in an ideal, participatory democracy. Governments will be more likely to address a lobbyist’s interests knowing there is a large swell of support backing this interest.

The report that the Provost, College of Health Sciences and Technology Idah, Dr. Nuhu Solomon Anyegwu is lobbying for tenure extension after 7 and half years of meritorious service is appalling.

It is a fallacious, malicious, baseless, and ill-gotten report going around social media widely sponsored by one pseudo-name, faceless and so-called Concerned Members of Staff of the College of Health Sciences, Idah that the current Provost is inducing some government functionaries for tenure elongation.

Anyegwu is too educated to know organisations such as interest groups, representative bodies, industry, NGOs, charities and third party professional lobbyists are needed as necessary mercenary to make input and feedback through communication of their views and concerns to government especially on tenure elongation. But he did not employ such means. Besides it did not reflect in some frivolous reports making news on social media, how many groups are advocating for him in that respect. Mind you Anyegwu is not corrupt!

No wonder then, it is said ‘he who is not informed is deformed. Exactly what is happening to the antagonists, wrongly determined enemies, and traducers of San, Dr, Comrade Nuhu Solomon Anyegwu, provost College of Health Sciences Idah Kogi State.

The story about Anyegwu’s scheme to extend the tenure of office as provost lacks basic facts with many unanswered questions. Tenure elongation has nothing to do with changing the law. Rather it is a direct result of performance,  Governor does the needful through the doctrine of necessity and executive fiat.

It is noticeable that the purpose of the authors is to smear the unrivaled reputation of the Provost (Dr. Nuhu Solomon Anyegwu) who many well-informed kogites have adjudged the best in the history of the college. How many people has he met so far? Who are the government functionaries? He has a record of a good name that cannot be dented, maligned, or impugned by any sane person.

Anyegwu’s account of stewardship is second to none since  40 years of the existence of the institution. It is unmatchable among his contemporaries. Both the dead and the living entities are proud of the young, ebullient provost’s plethora of  achievements, track records, and stewardship, talkless of a litany of awards on him as a mark of his servant-leadership fashion and  style

Tenure elongation is a privilege and not a right to be claimed by anybody. It demands the wisdom of the office of the Executive Governor H.E Alhaji Yahaya Bello to activate it or not. It is not something to lobby for.   Evidence is the end of the argument.

“The creatures in the College of Health Sciences and Technology under my leadership finesse are busy looking for ways to take over my office as provost at the expiration of my tenure on 27th  Jan 2024. They felt with my performance,  my tenure may be extended,  as noised  by some  people already,  the reason for their write up” Anyegwu said

“Being a learned and experienced officer Anyegwu cannot approach anyone for tenure elongation because if for any reason such should take place, it should be based on performance not by lobbying… He is ever focused to deliver on his present mandate aimed at correcting the ills in the institution for the better. …The malicious press release is aimed at misinforming the public about the facts therein. Also, the college is at relative peace at the moment except for the artificial lack of peace purportedly projected by evil persons,” the Public Relation Department (CHST I) pointedly added.

– Inah Stephen Eyiene wrote from Abuja.

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