Rep. Halims Woo Enterprise Florida to Ankpa, Advocates Collaboration for Trade Investment Among African Countries

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By Muhammed Nasiru Adejoh

The Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Steel Development and member representing Ankpa, Omala and Olamaboro Federal Constituency of Kogi State, Rep. Abdullahi Ibrahim Halims has harped the need for collaborative efforts among countries for effective investments in intra continental trade adding that his stewardship as a Federal legislator will continue to prioritise entrepreneurship development and give support to his constituents to boost their trades and artisan ventures.

He declared this on Friday during an economic development session at the ongoing Governance and Economic Development (GED) program organised for African Legislators by the Center for International Trade Development – Miami in collaboration with the World Strategic Forum and the University of Miami Herbert Business School to address  the economic growth and prosperity of the African region.

“We must as a continent come together in looking inward with a view to develop our local contents, deepen bilateral relations and encourage annual trade and investment summits that will feature the exhibition of African innovations just like the ‘Enterprise Florida’ so that we can collectively compete for a place of pride in the committee of continents,” Halims said.

Earlier, Mr. Kemi Arosanyin, Director, CITD-Miami/WTCM, while speaking during the investment segment said ‘Enterprise Florida’ is the principal economic development organisation for the state of Florida, and it has been very successful in its mission of promoting Florida as a premier business destination. Florida is one of the top destinations for foreign direct investment (FDI) in the U.S. Its trillion-dollar economy is the 4th largest among U.S. states and would be the 15th largest economy in the world, if it were an independent country.

Rep. Halims particularly applauded Z. Joe Kulenovic, Vice President of the Enterprise Florida for offering the most compelling value proposition to companies seeking global investment opportunities around the world as Miami recently received “Best Region for Investment in 2022” award expressing every confidence that the Enterprise Florida will find Ankpa Federal Constituency of Kogi State as a choice destination for foreign direct investment in Africa.

The Nigerian Legislator also promised to synergize with other African Lawmakers to further boost relationships, just as He condemned the Debra Owens, Director, Government Affairs and International Relations for the holistic efforts put in place to have five African countries in attendance.

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