Re: Until 2015, We Didn’t Know Faleke In Kogi

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I read the interview granted Dr Oluwayomi David Atte by Abiodun Alade as reported by Kingsley Fanwo in vanguard newspaper of 20th January, 2016 with much interest.

My interest was aroused by the character speaking and of course, the subject matter viz-a-viz- kogi politics as it relates to the November 21,2015 Governorship election.

The character called Dr Atte, yes, one time commissioner of Education and also sole Administrator of state water corporation in old kwara state. In his response to this question- “ As an okun man, why are you taking this position (to serve on the transition committee) when your kinsman, Hon. James Faleke is struggling to claim his mandate at the election Tribunal”? He has these to say- “ he was practically unknown in kogi state.”

“ I can also testify that, he was completely unknown in all the struggles for a better okun in the last 30 years”. “ He creditably contributed his God-given talents to developing Lagos state and I believe Lagos state owes him a debt of gratitude for this”;that, “ for me, the fact that he was okun born is not enough to assure me to put the future of the people in his hands”.” – having not been involved, knowing little of the situation in kogi state over the last 25 years and having been selected by late prince Abubakar without any consultation with okun, he did not represent the soul of okun struggle and aspirations since state creation”. Dr Atte, talking of character, hum, before, yes, at least, so I thought when I first know him. May I humbly ask from this community expert, what he attracted to yagba land or okun in general, when he was the commissioner of Education or sole Administrator for water corporation in kwara state? How much of water did we get in okun land during his time –is water not our major problem in okunland till date? When S.A.Oshatoba- a native of odo ere – was the commissioner of Education, he made sure that many communities in okunland had their own secondary schools established, despite all difficulties such entailed to get them approved.

I want to draw the attention of Dr Oluwayomi David Atte to another publication, in the Tribune of 14th January,2016pp 38 and 39 where a very objective review of the whole brouhaha was made. On page 39, I want Dr Atte to learn from the comment of a supporter of Yahaya Bello who could not hide the fact that Faleke brought new ideas, great innovations and dazzling strategies into the campaigns, organizations, planning and coordination of APC within the short time he came on board. This was said to be responsible for the massive support APC got from okunland so much so, that, the votes garnered by Audu/faleke was unprecedented in the 5 LGAs of okunland – please, note, that, these were genuine votes- one man- one vote not allotted. Faleke contributed immensely to the victory of APC in kogi state.

So, if Hon James Abiodun Faleke had been creditably contributing his God-given talents to developing Lagos state, pray, what is wrong in his now deciding to bring to the services of his people what he has going for him in a foreign land. Faleke is much younger to Dr Atte,am yet to read or learn of his outstanding contributions to yagba land or okunland as a whole. I remember, he attempted to participate in the Gubernatorial primaries sometimes for this state, but, I can not recall his impact before he withdrew. When we were praying to have a worthy contestant from okunland to participate in the August 2015 Gubernatorial primaries of APC. I wonder why he did not come-up, may be he was one of those thinking that Prince Audu would look his way for deputy, that, was why he felt that okun was not consulted before Faleke was chosen.

Dr Atte will claim to be a member of APC and possibly boast that the only APC member of kogi state House of Assembly from okunland comes from his Mopamuro LGA and possibly part of his achievement. But , before he escapes wih this fake claim, let me quickly tell him that, we all know the fellow that God used, and infact, the only person that can beat his chest for this achievement is an illustrious son of Takete Ide in the name of HENRY ABIMBOLA. Surprisingly, Dr Atte went further to query “at the very time of his selection as running mate in kogi state, was he actually eligible to be selected?” “that, for me, the fact that he was okun born is not enough to assure me to put the future of the people in his hands”. In fact, I don’t know what spectacular contribution that can be credited to Dr Atte towards kogi APC till date, except, perhaps wanting to benefit from the ensuing confusion. The emergence of Faleke gave APC victory. This we all know.

So, Dr Oluwayomi David Atte knows the Bible very well, he quoted the holy Bible – Daniel 4:32 and 1 kings 2:15 but he has not read the prophecy by Ezekiel in chapter 21:27 where God said; that, “I will overturn, I will overturn, I will overturn, and he shall be no more, until the owner comes and I will give it to him”.

YES, HON JAMES ABIODUN FALEKE has been praying so that what belongs to him will not elude him in JESUS NAME. All well meaning okun, nay, kogites that loves the truth should join him in the prayer to the ALMIGHTY SO THAT,TRUTH WILL PREVAIL OVER FALSEHOOD.

I want to close this piece by drawing the attention of Dr Atte once more to the opening paragraph of “politics of power shift contenders in kogi state “ written by FAJ on page 6 of Democracy Newsline Friday 15th – 20th January, 2016. And i quote:

“The coming of Hon James Abiodun Faleke to kogi politics has been seen by the elites and youths as a blessing to the okuns,western senatorial district and kogi state in general. Hon Abiodun Faleke is a man of unquestionable character who has performed excellently well in Lagos state, he was a good ambassador of kogi state in Lagos. His wealth of experience has given him an edge over all other power shift contenders considering his antecedents in Lagos state politics”.

“Hon Abiodun Faleke is the only okun politicians who was able to bring together okun leader/politicians which resulted in okun people collectively voting for an opposition party for the first time in the state, this achievement singled him out as unselfish politician whose coming to okun politics has created a great developments and progressive movement for the entire okun people”.

Though, Dr Atte may not know this, neither could chief Richard Asaje and his cohorts comprehend same because of their selfish interest.

There is no better time, than now to remind Dr. Olorunyomi Atteh of his interview on January 19, 2016 in vanguard by Kingsley Fanwo – now Chief Press Secretary to Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State.

I believe Dr Atteh and his cohorts can now appreciate their contraption for Kogi and the hardship they had designed and brought on the workers, pensioners and the poor citizen of Kogi State! I don’t know why he is not talking now, in fact, he should talk. We will provoke him to talk and let us know his assessment so far. Like the adage of our elders which says “if you hate to relate with your rich kinsman, then, you will have to travel far before you can get to borrow”!

– Chief Christopher Ayo Olubunmi

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