RE: Social Commentator Attacked In Lokoja, Fingers Kogi Speaker

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My attention has been drawn to a publication on Kogi Reports made by one Tolu Omotugba alleging me a suspect on the recent attack on him by an unknown group at Lokoja, the state capital.

Immediately I read the disjointed publication, I asked myself “Who is Tolu Omotugba in a sane clime?” What relevance has he? To have claimed I will waste my precious time and energy to plot an attack on him?
On what basis?

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t want to dignify such childish blackmail coming from a daft, disrespectful element with response as people who know me too well knows that i won’t engage in such demeaning and cowardice act. I’m too civil and well informed for such defaming act.

For the record, The only difference I had with Tolu Omotugba was during National Association of Okun Students(NAOS) Convention where we had difference of interest. We went our separate ways and choose to stand firm to what we believe is right. However He has called me out on social media in time past, calling me all sort of unprintable names such as: Thief, Betrayer, Bastard amongst others. Yet i responded with decorum.

I could recall vividly that Omotugba Victor(Tolu’s elder brother) cautioned him on how he engaged with people on social media but he turned deaf ears to his Brother’s advise and reacted with childish insults to his own blood.

Tolu insults and blackmail anybody who is not in tune with his personal belief. The young man has issues with numerous people and if he is attacked today at all, He should look inward and not blackmailing me or try to drag my hard earned reputation to the mud.

If I had wanted our disagreement to degenerate further, Tolu Omotugba is my age mate, I would have gone to his shop to confront him one one. Not by sending mercenaries. But violence is not my thing.  I simply avoided him.

However, I have taken a legal action and file a case of “Character Deformation” before a competent court of Law. I wish he get well soon and come dance to the music in the law court.

– Prime Abubakar
SA to the Chief Whip of KSHA

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