Re: Activist Calls for Investigation of Vandalized NIPP Project in Kogi

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Reports alleging the AEDC Manager, John Suleiman Opotu of vandalization of NIPP project in Kogi state is recklessness. Fifth columnists are trying to instigate crises and cause disaffection in order to destabilize the good relationship between the AEDC Management and the communities in Ebiraland, as well as impede the tremendous progress made in the area over the years since Mr. John Suleiman resumed as the head.

Certain unsubstantiated, false and baseless allegations have been made by one self-centered activist, Ejibade Osike, in sections of the media. Allegations of vandalization of NIPP project are completely false and totally untrue. Osike’s allegations are baseless, unfounded and a figment of his imagination.

It is obviously illogical for John Suleiman Opotu to be the one behind vandalization that sought to damage his own reputation and that of the AEDC he had expended so much time, energy, intellect and resources to improve power.

We find this allegation absolutely baseless and irresponsible because the issue in question, placed by a faceless man, made reckless allegations, not only against John Suleiman but also attempted to tarnish the image of him.

Osike as the name sounds is not known to be the mouthpiece for the people of Okene local government and its environs. His concerns for doing all these are simply because of personal gains, rather than on societal interest. He has always opposed the AEDC Manager Okene for his style of leadership just because of his refusal to be pocketed and controlled by Osike. He has never seen any good side of Mr. John Opotu right from day one, particularly when he realized that the new AEDC Manager is not a nonsense man.

Bribing you to write good things about him is never part of Suleiman Opotu’s policy. From the record we gathered, Mr. Haruna Ejibade Osike always tried to pocket any AEDC manager but such usual game changed since the resumption of Mr. John Suleiman. The good people of Ebiraland can testify the truth about Mr. Suleiman John Opotu.

We also seek this medium to inform the appropriate authorities to invite the petitioner for thorough investigation because his aim was to cause problems between the community and the management of AEDC.

As regards the alleged irregularities, it is pertinent to note that the poles and cables was vandalized and abandoned when PHCN was in charge of energy distribution. Regime change, government continues and that what leads the current management of AEDC to use some of the abandoned materials where it is needed.

Finally, I urge the people of Kogi Central, particularly Ohuepe Community, to ignore the allegations leveled against the people’s Manager by a self centered activist, Osike. United we stand, divided we fall.

– Comrade Adabara Abduljelil El-Okene
Secretary General, Ebira Youth Peace/Educational Initiative.

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