Breaking the Mold: Prof. Stephen Ocheni, the Unconventional Aspirant, Unifying Leader Kogi State Deserves

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Professor Stephen Ocheni, an immensely learned and skilled aspirant, is contending for the gubernatorial seat in Kogi State. While the opposition has criticized him for not being very active on social media, it’s important to note that social media presence is not a mandatory requirement for the position. Nonetheless, Professor Ocheni possesses all the essential qualities and credentials needed to efficiently lead the state

As an accomplished lecturer, Professor Ocheni has the ability to communicate effectively and inspire confidence in others. His track record of academic excellence demonstrates his dedication to personal and professional development. He is also highly experienced in various fields, having worked in academia, government, and the private sector.

One of Professor Ocheni’s strengths is his commitment to the development of Kogi State. He has demonstrated his passion for the state by initiating and participating in various development projects, including rural electrification, provision of potable water and job creation for youths at Federal/State Ministries/agencies. This level of commitment to community development is a strong indicator that he would be an effective leader who has the interests of the people at heart.

Another notable quality of Professor Ocheni is his unifying spirit. He is well respected by people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds in Kogi State, and this has helped him to build bridges across various divides. This attribute is essential for effective leadership, as it helps to create a sense of inclusion and unity among the people.

Despite being “old school,” Professor Ocheni’s academic background and experience have equipped him with the necessary skills and knowledge to lead Kogi State effectively. He has the potential to provide visionary leadership that would propel the state to greater heights. Therefore, it is essential to look beyond and consider the aspirants qualifications and ability to deliver on their promises.

Finally, Professor Stephen Ocheni is a highly educated, experienced, and committed aspirant who has the development of Kogi State at heart. His unifying spirit and dedication to community development make him an ideal leader. Thus, it is crucial to evaluate his credentials and abilities.

– Mary Amodu Omakoji, a Journalist/Communication Consultant, writes from Abuja.

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