‘Produce Our Results or Resign’: Kogi State University Students Threaten Protest

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Having exhausted their patience for about 18 months after graduation, no fewer than 250 students of the Department of Mass Communication, Kogi State University who graduated on January 20th, 2017 have threatened to stage a massive protest in the school if their final results are not released on or before July 30th, 2018.
The students in a statement sent in anonymity to newsmen on Monday, recounted their ordeals since they graduated from the school, accusing the Head of the Department, Dr Ottah Gabriel Alhassan of gross misconduct and incompetence.
According to them, Gabriel Alhassan took over the leadership of the department few months after they graduated, and has not produced any result for both the graduated students and undergraduates, hence slowing the pace of academic activities.
For the 13MC set of students who have watched several NYSC mobilization passed them by, it has been myriads of vain promises from the accused H.O.D.
“When it dawned on us that he was recalcitrant and unconcerned about our plight, we sent a delegation to his office; he told us he was on it and that we should stop disturbing him. We also met with the Dean of Social Science Faculty, and he promised to intervene.
“After we missed the January 2018 batch of NYSC mobilization, he sent an apology to us, promising that we will meet up with the July batch. And later, we discovered that the Departmental Examination Officer’s laptop used to compute our results had crashed and they made no move to replace it,” they said.
The students said they contributed money to buy a new laptop for the department to hasten up the process, but unfortunately, the results are still hanging while they have missed the promised July NYSC batch.
Thus, they dared the lecturer to either produce the results on or before July 30th, or face protest calling for his resignation on the 31st .
“We did not only miss the opportunity to serve our fatherland, job opportunities on the platter, but also suffering from depression caused by daily scorn thrown at us by  parents, families and friends. Yet, Dr Ottah Gabriel is rather concerned about social media postings and his MC job.
“A department which used to be the pride of Kogi State University has been reduced to nothingness under his watch. Students of other departments whom graduated many months after us have all gone for NYSC. Thus, we will stop at nothing to ensure that sanity is returned not only for our good but also for those behind us,” they said.
While calling the attention of Nigerians to their plights, they revealed they are already in progress talks with Media organizations for the coverage of the proposed protest.
“We are journalists, they trained us to be socially responsible.  They will get the first bite of our professionalism if our demands are not met before July 30th, 2018,” they threatened.

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