Press Release: We Hope Gov. Bello Has Not Forsaken Us – Kogi Medical Students

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There is the age-longed saying that when a child washes his hands he can then eat with his Elders. Kogi State Medical Students’ Association (KOMSA), thoroughly washed her hands and there is this fear amongst members of the Association that the Elders (Kogi State Government) did not persevere for us to join them.

We hope Kogi State Government has not forsaken us.

While appreciating Governor Yahaya Bello’s led administration for approving the Kogi State Medical Students’ Bond Proposals, we would also like to state that members of the Association have perceived that this might have been a plot to silence the Association as implementation seems to have been sent into oblivion.

In 2017, it seemed as if history was made when members of KOMSA were sent into a vigorous jubilee on hearing in various News Medias that Governor Yahaya Bello has approved the Kogi State Students’ Bond Proposals. Earlier in 2018, on identifying the proof that the pioneer National President and National Secretary General of the Association signed the bond agreement documents sophisticatedly drafted by Kogi State Government, it was enough for members of the Association to believe that the welfare of Kogi Medical Students was a priority to the Government. The documents were also signed by the Commissioner for Health and the Legal Adviser to KOMSA.

Taking to the Media has always been a last resort for us after trying several diplomatic ways to understand why implementation seems farfetched. It is painful that some relevant organs of Kogi State Government told representatives of our Association that they are not aware of anything concerning the Bond. We view this as absurd and rubbishing enough to our Association. We believe if Kogi State Government no longer want to prioritize the Welfare of Kogi Medical Students, an official statement should be made public to prevent rancor among members of the Association.

Today, it saddens our heart that the lack of implementation of these historic documents has sent the Association into chaos. We have been accused by some of  our members that we collected bribe from the Kogi State Government to come up with stories that will justify the lack of implementation.

As soon to be Doctors, we believe that our maximum concentration is required in our academics and clinical practices to enable us become efficient Doctors to serve our people effectively.

Issues bothering on why implementation seems not to be near should not be what we should be focusing on right now.

Conclusively, the entire members of KOMSA have grown impatient and wish to plead with Kogi State Government to address the Association if and when the implementation will occur.


Agada Ojochegbe Samuel, Pioneer National President

Elukpo Jeremiah Wonchiko, Pioneer National Secretary General

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