Praise Singers: Enough of The Wisecrack!

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In great sombre state of mind I write to condemn flunkies who have limited themselves to praise singing big wigs as they call them, always been used as pontiffs yet get little change as reward for their troubles; but then I ask, where is our conscience?!
You will agree with me that after the 2018 Democracy day celebration, it’s been one drama or another in our political cycle, rather than condemning this act that has portray Nigeria politicians as whimsical set of people thereby painting black our political system, we took to the net and praise sing this itinerant politicians who have impoverished us. The scathing aspect of it all is that the ravenous masses instead of owing up to responsibilities of agitating for what rightly belongs to us we join the sycophants to encourage this people in their evil ways when ever there is a throng all in  the name of *”Make we collect our national cake o!* forgetting that it’s your national gem you are getting cake for.
Remember, this same people are claiming to fight themselves in public in great feign, yet they have device a means of responding to one another in a manner deluding and implicating, this they do to remind themselves, we all have cockroaches in our cupboards in case you intend your critics.
My harsh use of words is as a result of the exasperating fact equal to travail that after so much pain bringing us to this world instead of creating our own success story choose to help others make theirs by being their political stooge, a muse and encourager of their diabolical ways yet we remain vainglorious about them. I call on us all not to always fall for their baits by praise singing for some cheap popularity, if they see that no body post about them they will realize that why do to impress when no body notices it? Then, they will all own up to their responsibilities and do not do to be praised but to get heavenly reward. However, politicians can emulate Hon. Halims, Hon. Rabiu Alfa, H.E Kashim Shettima, Hon. Ogbanago amongst host of others who have let their good work speak and not brag about them.
– Comrade Atabo Hussain

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