Poor Governance: CPFN Urges Christian Women to Join Politics

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Against the background of poor governance facing the nation, Christian Women in Nigeria have been charged to actively participate in politics to restore her to path of growth and development.
The National Leader of Christian Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (CPFN) Women Wing, Mrs Lydia Adenle gave the charge on Sunday during their first conference held at The Apostolic Church of Nigeria Lokoja.
The Chairperson explained that Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), for administrative convenience, has arranged churches into block which Apostolic churches are one unit. She stressed that the Conference is one of its kind since the formation of the forum meant to discuss issues affecting the Christian Women.
The chairperson noted that the Christian Women needed to devote much of their time to praying for their families and the nation stressing that they should emulate the virtue of some women in the Bible who stood in the gap for their nation in time of crisis.
Mrs Adenle said the Theme of the Conference; “Women Arise and Take Your Position” was careful chosen to arouse the consciousness of christian women to wake up from their  slumber to rescue the nation through prayers and their  involvement in active politics.
She disclosed that gone were the days when politics was left for the never do well stressing that Christian Women need to come together to chart a new course for how politics should be played for the overall development of the country.
She explained that, the family which is the first contact for  socialization should be fortified to bring up children that will add value to the nation urging women as mothers to devote much of their times to the proper upbringing of their children.
She condemned the attitude of some women who are crazy for  material wealth rather than concentrating on the upbringing of their  children advising them to emulate  Sister Lois in the Bible  who brought up Timothy who became an asset to the Christian community till today.
 According to her; “mothers nowadays are not ready to play their responsibilities and I’m afraid what will become of this nation in the future as most families have relegated their roles to the pursuit of materialism.
“The delinquency in our youths is mostly caused by mothers. Mothers no longer give time to their children. They are concerned with making money. They should look at sister Lois in the Bible on how she brought up Timothy who is an asset to Christianity. Women now left their children to the dictate of the society and that is why there are high incidence of armed robberies and cultism and other social vices in the country.
“Christian and Muslim women have agreed to come together in prayers for the nation. It is agreed that the problem of our youth is getting out of hands and since we have the same concept on how to train good children, we have been organising joint prayer sessions in Lokoja.
“As mothers, if we fold our hands  and then wrong people are elected into the positions of authority it will spell doom for all of us. We are going to use this forum to sensitise our women to go into politics.”

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