Politics: Why Unity is Important

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Nothing in this life is sweeter than unity, understanding, love and oneness. On the other hand, nothing is more bitter than disunity, lack of understanding, hatred and division.

We have always insisted that we must not allow political differences, ethnicity, tribe and religious beliefs to continue to disunite us and turn us against each other resulting to disarray, enmity, and hate speech here and there.

It is a good and normal thing to get involved in active politics; but the way some folks are going about it truly call for concern. The understanding aspect of this whole point is that, we can get involved in politics and still see each other as brothers and sisters regardless of who you are, whatever party you belong to, where you hail from, and whatever perspectives you see things from.

Now, the point is, with unity of purpose more greatness can be achieved, and the bitter reality of these whole narratives is: He whom God has chosen to lead he had chosen and the best thing to do is to rally round him, support him physically and socially to ensure he succeed, doing otherwise is challenging the will of God.

In other not to beat around the bush; It’s no longer news that one of our brother is jostling for the presidency ticket, this means collectively we have works to be done politically.

For the discerning minds, and for those sitting on the fences, I think is high time we unite, come together and give our brother the helping hands and support he truly deserves.

Understanding this concept; His Excellency Governor Yahaya Bello is a governor who believe in carrying everyone along not minding who you are. He cares, he listens and ready to rub minds with everybody, he has his ears to the ground and his eyes widely open to happenings around him for good.

Unity and understanding is like an un-cracked wall, an un-cracked walls are impenetrable. This clarion call for unity isn’t just restricted to the good folks of Kogi state but for the entire Nigerians. A cry for one they say is a cry for all.

The young icon, GYB, is being called upon by the Nigerian youths to step forward and vie for Presidency in order to represent us and put in place agenda that will move Nigeria to one of the most developed African nation in all spheres.
However, the need to come together is the first point of call. In order to achieve this aim and objectives we must do away with any move that will segregate us instead of uniting us, we must strive to do away with political rancour, enormity, brouhaha, lack of understanding and the negative vices.

We must learn to see each other as brothers in order to unite and achieve a common goal for the better. We must accelerate and capitalize on the fact that we are one big family it doesn’t matter whether you are from PH town or from Kogi State, we are one regardless of the colour of your skin as far the entity Nigeria is concerned.

For us to work together as one people: One cannot be outside of the house making noise and expect your voice to be heard. One must inside of the house in order that your voice be heard, you must be inside of the house to contribute your quota to ensure we meet our goals and target and pull through to victory. One must be where things are happening to know what’s up, you must be part of the team where your opinion counts, where your voice would be heard.

GYB administration is an all inclusive governance, an open door government, and an arm readily and widely open to receive folks of like-minds from all walks of life. The governor believe he is a servant of the people and had pledged that he is open to leading by example. He doesn’t tolerate segregation, he is a man of the people, by the people and for the people, he knows the yearning and aspirations of the people and he is patiently putting machineries in place that will put things back in shape for the interest of all.

The youthful governor is not what his critics says of him, GYB is a leader with fear of God. He is a knowledgeable personality imbued with wisdom. He will perform excellently and wonderfully well as president of the federal republic of Nigeria, God’s willing.

– Comrade Lawal Jr. Abubakar writes from Lokoja.

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