Political Violence in Kogi: The Nemesis and Need for Leadership Re-orientation

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The overheated political temperature surrounding the electoral campaigns in Kogi state at the moment is the one deserving urgent attention and proactive measures to avoid unabated crisis that may escalate if care is not taken.

As a Kogite who live in the state, and as well understand some elements of regularities in Kogi politics, I can categorically say that we Kogites are not known for violence when it comes to electoral politics.

However, the present ugly political violence witnessed in different parts of the state is an indication and an early warning to all stakeholders in Kogi politics of what may befall us if adequate proactive measure is not taken.

Practically speaking, the nefarious attack on the African Democratic Congress  (ADC) campaign rally in Anyigba and Ejule in Dekina and Ofu LGAs is condemnable. It was also a political turmoil in Odokoro -gbede in Ijumu LGA as the Peoples Democratic Party campaign rally was violently attacked by political thugs destroying vehicles and other valuable properties. This is alien to Okun politics.

Also uncalled for is the wanton destruction of properties and killing of innocent citizens in Kogi Central on the altar of party loyalty and the quest for power. The case of Ojo Enesi of Socialist Democratic Party (SDP) is a manifestation of immoral political conduct by the perpetrators of such act, which must be bluntly condemned.

I must say here that my intention is by no means to criticise or condemn any personality in the state, but to objectively unravel the precarious tendencies in the furtherance of violence and attack just as we progressively approach the general election.

We must all understand that election is not war and should not be treated as such, therefore, our disposition to political activities must be morally grounded and ethically rooted.

Also, it is of advice to the political foot soldiers and sycophants in Kogi state, predominantly the youths, that with the prevailing poverty, hunger and unemployment ravaging the state, the relationship between the youths and the Kogi politicians can just be likened to that of political predators leveraging on the gullibility of the youths, whom has been reduced to mere political preys for personal aggrandizement and enrichment.

So, I wonder the justification for the youth participation and involvement in political violence on the altar of loyalty to the so called political leaders that plunge them in a state of economic despair.

I will not also ceased to berate the role of the media in dissemination of information falsification and the spread of fake news which is also perpetrated by the foot soldiers youths to propagate the interest of their pay master. We must not forget that this trend in itself is a crisis in it latent state, which is potentially potent at triggering violence if not curtailed.

To the so called political leaders, gladiators and politicians, you must all understand that the path to liberating Kogites from the shackles of poverty, unemployment and hunger cannot be rooted in violence perpetration. If truly your aspiration is geared towards good governance, development and meeting general goods and aspiration of the masses, you have no justification to terminate or take innocent lives for political interest.

Conclusively and summarily, the present  political violence in Kogi state must be proactively  curtailed to avoid escalation of crises that may go out of hand. Kogi state is a peace loving state, thereby,  no one’s political interest is worth the innocent blood of Kogites.

Above all, there is acute need for politicians to start contemplating on life after office for better official conduct. Wishing all kogites a better days ahead as we set decide the faith and fortunes of our dear state for another political season. Long live kogi state.

– Odunayo Tanimola

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