Poem: Tears of Motherhood

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Who can wipe her tears?
Tears of motherhood
She pants in fears
Fears of the unknown
Unknown gunmen habouring her daughter
Her hope of better tomorrow
Hope dashed in pieces
As she hears the loud bang
She weeps an ocean of anxiety.

The pains of motherhood are the fears of their children’s dooms
A doomed future devoid of parental investment
In the heart of every mother lies ambitions
Secret ambitions of their children’s end
But suddenly an end with banditry
Bandits hovering in bushes
As mothers wallow in fears
Their loved ones are nowhere to be found. 

Right inside her eyes lies millions of unexpressed words
Words of anguish that her loved one is gone
A future that seems slippery
As the soul hunters raise alarm
Alarm of tribulation
That the prey will be silenced
In a world that has no king kong
Oh! We beckon on a saviour
A saviour to their ransom
But how soon will this become a reality? 

– Arogbonlo Israel

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