Pharm Asuku; The Ambode of Kogi State

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Eithin our own boundaries we had made many sacrifices for the APC in Kogi state, in fact in 2019 while campaigning for GYB in Ejule Alah ward, I had a terrible accident, that almost claimed the life of a poor okada rider and his aged passenger. It is in our nature to make sacrifices, if you don’t gain or reap immediately but you will definitely. Whatever I say here, I am not under any influenced by any external body.

The worst party man I have ever seen is Pharm Jamiu Asuku, he is the Ambode of Kogi state politics and government.

I am attacking his person because he chooses to contest for the Kogi state governorship election. He is a blockade to the gospel of ethnic unification preached by Alhaji Yahaya Bello the Governor.

Morally, Asuku is not supposed to contest the election because he is from the same Okene with the Governor, who will complete his 8 year’s tenure soon. Legally you are free to contest as there is no legal standings stoping you.

If nobody tells you these, I will. You are the most unqualified to even thinking of contesting talk less of becoming a Governor. Good advisers are far from you, you should have gone for Reps, or waited to consolidate your structure in Okene if there is any.

You are meeting with non party members from Kogi East and you are excited about that. Some of these people even insulted many of us during the Governorship election in 2019 and in the just concluded presidential and House of Assembly elections. You are working with paperweight animated politicians, or simply put, political junks, as some of them don’t even know the names of their polling units.

You take pride in rewarding non party members. Thank God your divide and rule political invasion of Kogi East died a natural death.

Somebody won a student union election, the best compensation from the chief of staff is to give the winner of a student union election our government’s political appointment, as heavy as SA to the Governor. These persons are no card carrying members of our party, they have never supported the party in any length, some of us have produced student senators, SUG presidents and Nakoss OO1, if that is the yardstick for appointments, we should be commissioners or I should be chief of staff. What is the reward for our teeming party members? I have never seen you gift a party member bicycle in Kogi East, not even campaign T-shirts.

Before now, our party ward chairmen gets engagement from the government, our local government party chairmen and key executives get cars to enable them reach their wards. Under your reign as Chief of Staff, our party members became orphans in our own party, while strangers took the front role in government. At times we wonder, where some of the appointees came from.

You have amplified the saying that monkey dey work, bamboo dey chop,. This singular act of yours demoralizes our party loyalists and supporters, we thank God, we are correcting that tirelessly.


I don’t want to go too deep because it will denigrate our government and party. Let me just stop at the surface or the periphery, I know more than 50000 people that will leave the party when you or someone like you becomes our party flag bearer. Stop being the political Ambode of Kogi state. Ambode was good as Governor of Lagos state but was never good or was never a committed party man.

I wish you well in your political sojourn and is hearty you are making this mistakes because political mistake makes one a noble politician, please learn fast, mostly on how to be a true party man that brings growth and visible development to the party. Thank you in advance as you learn.

– Nicholas Ayegba Friday.
Niccolo Machiavelli.

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