Personality, Not Political Party: Why the Bullying?

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2023 sure will be a blockbuster. The general elections will be beyond political party affiliation as the past twelve (12) years has shown that personality, rather than party, is the solution to our problems. The failures of both the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressives Congress (APC) at the apex level of government has made it obvious that no political party is capable of turning things around as both party’s modus operandi is in one accord- “share the national cake.”

It is on the above note that many patriotic Nigerians who by circumstance, have fallen victim of bad governance and yearn for a new Nigeria where the lives, properties and welfare of the citizenry is sacrosanctly held pertinent, have decided to support and cast their votes for any individual who’s believed to be capable to rescue the country from the shackles of backwardness, underdevelopment and ailing economy we unconsciously find ourselves.

Notwithstanding the resolve to vote based on our conscience and not for party affiliation or monetary enticement, there are those who still go about attacking, insulting and threatening others who have decided to vote for candidate of a particular party against their new found Messiah whom they intend to foist on the rest of us.

If I’m voting a personality called Mr. A, why should I be bothered about the party he is contesting under? Mr. B, the new found Messiah was yesterday, under the Umbrella that is believed to be the author and architect of our misfortunes which the Big Broom couldn’t sweep away, rather, they consolidated upon it.

We blame the Big Broom candidate for failures of the General Conquered by Terrorists, while we unfasten the Family candidate, a former Captain of the First XI of the sick Doctor who couldn’t heal our sickly nation, claiming his appointment was shortlived by the 2015 defeat of the Umbrella that could not shield us from being beaten by the sun of hardship.

Employing equity, candidate of the Big Broom that could not sweep away our sorrowful past is much more better than the Family candidate who was part of the Umbrella that could not cover us.

In conclusion, it will be much more better to canvass support for our respective candidates based on their personal achievements when they call the shot than attach them to the failure of another man. It will amount to hypocrisy and wizardry to exonerate one and indict the other of another’s failure.

– Adeyemi Babarinde Sunday writes from Lokoja.

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