Asuku: The Unrepentant Philanthropist

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“The hands of a generous man are like the clouds of heaven which drop upon the earth fruits, cabbage, and flowers; too much empathy.”

It’s a known fact that I hardly hail any politician but with the avalanche of successes recorded at yesterday’s meeting we had with the Kogi State Chief of Staff to the governor, history will pronounce anathema on my name if I fail to acknowledge the inimitable gestures of this rare gem called ASUKU.

Empathy is a word that resonates in my mind when writing about this unrepentant philanthropist with a heart of gold.

An author, psychologist, and science journalist, Daniel Goleman identifies three types of empathy: Cognitive Empathy; that’s ability to understand another’s perspective. Emotional Empathy – that is ability to physically feel what another man feels. And most important, and when I say this one to you, you know it really relates to Empathic Concern – that is the ability to sense what another needs before he even asks for it. And these are the complete traits of this great leader and an angel in human form called ASUKU.

There are angels among men and it is profoundly gratifying that there are those who live their lives for the benefit of humanity. Asuku is one. His legendary act of generosity commands admiration that even his worst enemies know he is good to a fault. His tentacles spread like widefire when it comes to uplifting and assisting others.

How I wish many of our leaders are like him. Many shield themselves from the people thinking the present position they’re occupying will last forever. Reason why a vast majority of our youths still wallow in crass poverty and elephantine neglect. Many of our leaders are not ready to help anybody.

Some do good to those they know can also do to them, quite a miniscule few do “good for goodness sake.” But Asuku do good and hate taking the glory. This make me and many others to ask, what manner of man are you sir?

It beats my imagination that, in a day, business owners within the group that met with him, got a push. Life was brought back to their businesses. Succour came through one man. A God sent leader.

In just a day, graduates without job got their dashed hopes rekindled. In no distant time there will be offered permanent and pensionable appointments. Is this leader not too much?

In a day, many got approval for monthly stipends in form of assistance. All from one man. Leadership at it’s peak!

Today, I’m an SSA to the Governor of Kogi state courtesy of his benevolence that knows no tribe or religion. We have others who he has uplifted within and outside his reach who also made it through him. One man!

Yesterday was a great day for the Team that met with the CoS. The robust interface birthed hope and succour to many. Assisting and uplifting others is now a norm and a trademark of this man who possesses the kindest heart of all humans. His kind and generous disposition toward people cannot be compared with any other.

It is uncommon to find an individual fully and uncompromisingly committed to the welfare of others. Asuku is unrepentant and incurably committed to lifting the people out of the dungeon of life through his various day to day business of uplifting others.

Conclusively, for the likes of Asuku, Allah promises further in Ayat 19 Surat 9 “As for those that believe and do good works. Allah will guide them through their faith. Rivers will run beneath them in the gardens of delight. Their prayers there will be glory to you Lord and their greetings peace. Praise be unto Allah, Lord of the creation will be the last of their prayers.”

God bless all men of goodwill.

– Hon Matthew Ochada writes from Lokoja, Kogi State, Nigeria.

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