PDP Leaders From Kogi Central Carpets Zonal Vice Chairman, Describing His Outburst as Laughable

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The leaders of  the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) from Kogi Central Senatorial District of Kogi state has described the recent action and outburst of the party’s Zonal Chairman, Hon. Iliyasu Zubair and his co-travellers as laughable, saying that they cannot eat their cake and still have it.
The leaders of the party were apparently reacting to the statement credited to the Vice chairman of the Zone, Hon. Ilyasu Zubair, as a result of the PDP Executive list of Okene Local Government Area released by the national secretariat.
Zubair had purportedly warned in the statement that the party in the district would not hesitate to invoke its constitutional powers in dealing with any erring members of the party.
However, in a statement issued by Hon. Isiaka Suleiman on behalf of the leaders and made available to journalists in Lokoja, he noted that the  zonal chairman has failed in discharging his responsibility. He said Zubair has not been able to call party stakeholders meeting.
The statement added that the Zubair has no single party programme under his leadership that has been carried out since he assumed office. He noted that he has rather subjected himself to the dictates of some political godfathers.
He added that the final result of PDP Executives for Okene Local Government has been ratified by the National Working Committee (NWC)  and National Executive Committee, (NEC) in  meeting with the Kogi State Chairman, Engr. Sam Uhuotu, in attendance.
“If there were issues the State Party Chairman would have raised it. The approval has since been transmitted to the State Secretariat of PDP in the State and the PDP Chairman, Alhaji Adelabu Musa was voted at the last convention.
“It is highly disgusting and of grave consequence therefore for a Zonal Chairman to dispute the resolution of the Party. This unfortunate statement from the zonal chairman only reveal his incompetency. We are so disappointed and irked for the ineptitude and immature disposition of the zonal chairman, who is being manipulated by some godfathers to the extent of hiding behind the gate of an APC Governor during their decamping visit where he collected the sum of 5,000 naira as his own shared. Let him deny it and we will show proof,” he maintained.
He added that the Zonal Chairman’s failure to manage issues led to lack of confidence in him by party faithfuls, especially his romance with the All Progressives Congress (APC) led government in the state.
“How can the acclaimed zonal chairman of PDP attend decamping meeting in the private house of an APC governor with his self acclaimed leader on the eve of the APC rally in Central?” he queried
He stressed that Zubair’s group cannot hide under any guise and keep deceiving the leaders of PDP from either Eastern and Western District of the State while it is clear that they have a different agenda.
“To those of us who are the  supporters and leaders of PDP from Central, these treacherous people cannot hide from us. It is very unfortunate and saddened that our great Party have this type of character as the Zonal Chairman of PDP in Central Senatorial District of Kogi State who go around with his perfidious and unreliable Leader to fraternize with the APC government in the State.
“Zubair  should know that while they were busy fraternising with APC by attending meetings with them and visiting Government House, the true and loyal party faithfuls of PDP participated in the congresses that held in Okene,” he added.

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