PDP Gov’ship Primary: Attackers Will Later Bury Their Heads in Shame – Adoji

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A governorship aspirants of the People Democratic Party (PDP) in the primary election that was disrupted this morning, Dr. Victor Adoji, has assured that the attackers will later bury their heads in shame.

Adoji believe that fear of him winning the primary election motivated the attack but assured that what the perpetrators fear most will eventually hunt them.

In a statement the governorship aspirant signed by himself, Adoji said the attack has only made him and his supporters stronger and more resolute.

He paid condolences to the families of the two persons confirmed dead and those who critically injured.

“I want to make it clear that while it is human to be shaken by such bestial acts, our will or resolution are imperturbable. Your love and participation in the processes leading-up to this process is why some of us can’t rest on our oars until we right wrongs and begin to resculpt our future.

“Our agent who was particularly targeted is currently treating bullet and assault wounds and so are many others including Captain Joe Agada whose head is currently been held in place by stitches.”

“I am now safe and out of danger and I am deeply grateful to those who gave me legs to ‘escape’.

“Let the fear of our winning that motivated your actions haunt you, for the results you feared will still be called and your heads will bow in ignominious shame. You only tested our resolve, strengthened our love and ignited the flames of patriotism. We are still strong.

“As for the perpetrators, you have only stalled a process and I assure that you lack the capacity to upset the ultimate outcome,” he said,

He called on his supporters and delegates to remain calm and steadfast as events unfold.

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