PDP and the Crises of Leadership in Kogi State 

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One of the problems amongst several others bedeviling the Kogi state chapter of the People’s Democratic Party ( PDP) is crisis of leadership. 

This leadership crisis is not orchestrated by stakeholders of the party as many would think, even though some stakeholders have taken advantage of it to foment trouble and master the divide and rule leadership pattern within the party, it is as a result of lack of clarity and direction from the leadership of the Party at the National Headquarters.

There are question begging for answers from the National Leadership of the party and until such questions are answered correctly, the Kogi State Chapter of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) may not be able to muster the much needed consensus amongst stakeholders to take over power from the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC).

Some of these questions are:

1. In a state chapter where there is no sitting Governor but there exist the presence of two or more former governors in the party, who then assumes the Political Leadership of the party in the state chapter? 

2. In view of question 1, should the Political Leadership of the state chapter be collective, generic or how much a particular stakeholder sponsors the political activities and agenda of the party in the state chapter?

Political leadership is responsibility entrusted on a leader or group of leaders. In most cases, such responsibility is definite as it rest on the shoulders of an individual for the purpose of accountability, provided that such Individual carries other leaders and stakeholders of the party along. In situations where you have dual leadership, it is a recipe for political failures and misfortune.

The circumstances where most stakeholders of the party in Kogi state find themselves is likened to a man who is forced to marry two or more wives. The character and behavioral pattern of such a man is dependent on the disposition of each of the wives. Except where there is harmony and understanding between the man and his wives it may be difficult for such a man to sustain stability in his character. 

In the same vein, until and when the question of leadership of the state chapter is answered correctly this crisis may not end. it would be out mostly impossible except through divine intervention for the finest of candidate from the party to win gubernatorial election in Kogi state. (see recent gubernatorial elections in Cross-river state).

I therefore would suggest, that the National Leadership of the Party setup a panel of critical stakeholders from the state chapter to listen to arguments and counter arguments on the questions raised in paragraph 3 in a bid to formulating the policy, process and procedures of leadership in the state chapter. This crises must be settled once and for all.

A house divided against itself cannot stand and in view of the gubernatorial elections scheduled to take place in Kogi State, a stitch in time saves nine.

– Sani Idakwo Philips
PDP Chieftain, Kogi State.

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