OSTAS Mourns Death Of Olori Florence Mejedi, Wife of Late Paramount Ruler of Orokere

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By Stephen Adeleye.

The Orokere Students Association (OSTAS) in Orokere Amuro, Mopamuro Local Government Area, has expressed sadness over the sudden death of Olori Florence Mejedi, the wife of the late Ajugbonjagun of Orokere Amuro, Oba Jacob Mejedi.

The late Olori Florence Mejedi died on Thursday evening after a brief illness, who was to celebrate her birthday today Friday.

A tribute by the OSTAS President, Comrade Temitope Philip Omotosho, described Olori’s death as shocking and devastating to the students’ body and the entire community. 

The tribute titled: ”Olori Has Silently Closed The Door of Life and Departed From Us to a Greater Beyond” reads in part:

”It’s real death is inevitable! The sorrow we felt when we lost our loved ones is the price we pay to have had them in our lives. Olori, you left us beautiful memories.

”Nobody can dispute the fact that you were a virtuous mother. Who does not know of your legendary patience and enduring spirit? You are a godly mother and a prayer warrior. 

”We’ve searched for explicate words to define your demise at this time of existence but we lack authentic words to describe same. This exit has been traumatic! 

”It all happened on a fateful Thursday Evening of December 30, 2021, when you succumbed to the cold hand of death. 

”Olori has silently closed the door of life and departed from us to a greater beyond. Our lives will be empty in the areas you had filled for us.”

It added: ”You saw beyond our flaws and always believed in our eminence and illustrious nature. Your words of encouragement, endless prayers, subtle cheers and advice have seen us through this far.

”Olori, we are still basking in denial and hoping this is merely a dream. However, we take solace in the fact that you are in a better place, the most peaceful of places and at the bosom of the All-knowing Father, God Almighty. Honorary respect to this great loss, we hereby nullified every OSTAS program this year and thereof.

”In the word of Edwin Hubbell Chaplin; ‘No language can express the power and beauty and heroism and Majesty of a mother’s love. It shrinks not where man cowers, grows stronger where man faints, and over wastes of wordly fortunes sends the radiance of it’s quenchless fidelity like a star’

”Mummy as you are being committed to mother earth today, we reflected on the times and moments we shared together and concluded that you were more than a mother to us, you were our best friend, we will not disappoint you Olori. Iya Oninu Ire Good Night. See you at the other side our love and friend”. 

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