Opinion: Worse Tragedy is Looming Over Us

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A crop of newcomers in Kogi State politics which emerge by circumstances overseeing the affairs of the State has totally bereft it citizenry of hope.

Which manifest mission should have been to Inaugurate a new philosophy and a new practice of politics devoid of narrowness and opportunism unfortunately, as expected he goes contrary, and increase it in 100 folds.

Using the State resources vis-a-vis the Bail-out to purchase Hotels all over the country and organizing Birthday parties for friends and baby politician around him worth billions of Naira.

While Civil servant are on their kneels begging for their legitimate salaries and remuneration to be paid as the case may be, this is an act of wickedness.

Instead of Alhaji Yahaya Bello (AYB) to adhered to the strictest rules the Bail-out fund was mend for instead, he decided to waste such funds on frivolities.

The Governor and his cohort are valiantly fostering the diseased tradition among the Masses turning their head into a shuttle bus by unnecessary screening exercise just for them to subject it’s citizenry to perpetual torture, and at the end of the day deprived them of their entitlement, and go ahead to siphon the bailout. (wickedness).

It is quite obvious that the great people of Kogi State are bereft of hope under this present government.

As we sunk deep into this quagmire, the State government has consumed more than 80 percent of the bail out fund meant to pay Civil servant and Pensioners, For his own personal use, without no just cause .

I sincerely, challenge this present government to quickly account for the Bail out fund, without any form of contradiction whatsoever, In all limb and sinew.

Corruption has grown enormously in variety, magnitude and brazeness since the beginning of this government under AYB. In Kogi State Civil servants has not been paid Old men are crying tears keep on flowing , kogites are subjected to poverty and hunger…

I must hasten to add that those behind the ungodly act will definitely dance to the music when the time is due.. Change your ways and start paying salaries…

And stop sharing Awards…… Sharing of Award is not the answer…

As we patiently await Supreme Court verdict.

God bless Kogi State …….

– Prince Aliyu Isah

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