Opinion: The Place of Okun Nation in Yoruba Land

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Recently, I saw umbrella bodies that represented many Yoruba groups in the south. These includes groups from Edo and the Itsekiri from Delta state. I looked at these groups critically. I never saw any Okun or the Yoruba speakers from Kogi.
Who are we? Are we not Yorubas?  Why are we so far from southwest by association yet so close by borders and blood?
I have heard severally that they will not accept us? Why is this so? And how true is this assumption? I think it’s time we determine our future. It’s time we fraternize with the southwest… It is time we align with them.
Pardon my ignorance, I don’t even know if there is any group in Okun land championing the course of our sovereignty which is non partisan.
We need to stand up. Nigeria is at a point where crucial decisions will have to be made. It’s not negotiable. Wasting much time is preparing for an implosion.
What is the Okun nation doing. Are we prepared? We must not be caught unawares.
– Muyiwa Ologun wrote from Lokoja.

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