Opinion: Supreme Court Ruling on Kogi, A Disgrace to Democracy

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Democracy have been defined as government of the people by the people and for the people. This imply that a democratically elected leader is one that is chosen by the wish and will of the majority through balloting.

The demise of an icon, prince Abubakar Audu who is the APC flag bearer in the last Kogi state gubernatorial election created a vacuum which was filled by Alh. Yahaya Bello, the first runner up of the APC primary. Though the 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria as amended provides for the substitution of a candidate 3months to the election, the substitution at the eve of the election is alien to the constitution.

Yahaya Bello who do not spend much money or sponsored by a godfather(s) to contest in the gubernatorial poll and do not have the majority vote cast was seen by many including me as far better option than Idris Wada and Prince Abubakar Audu. Little did we know that he is a round peg in a square whole, a green snake under a green grass.

As a youth, if I do not support my own, who will? But supporting a Governor that have a poor priority (borrowing money to buy car for political appointees), poor human managerial skills(endless screening) is planting a bomb in a central market on a market day. As man that have a dead conscience, pensioners (mostly old men and women) who have not received salary for 9months (my dad inclusive) are been dragged from across the 21 LGA after 2 successful screening to participate in the 3rd screening in the state capital. This I view as man inhumanity to human. Is most painful because is being perpetrated by a youth who get to power through incidence.

Whether prince Abubakar Audu died naturally or other wise is a subject of argument but allowing the substitution or replacement of a candidate in the process of an election that is 95%completed is a bad precedence as this have no constitutional provision and will further encourage assassination and killing by what ever means possible in the subsequent election. This I consider a rape of Justice and a disgrace to democracy.

Comrade Pharm. Wada Success O.M
National Coordinator,
Focus Youth Initiative

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