Opinion: Stop Destroying Your Brothers’ Properties Over Election Victory

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There was apprehension and tension everywhere before and during the elections. Expectations were high on the part of those who wished to change the government while apprehension was at its peak by those in the government whose hopes were unstable due to possible fear of unknown.

Subsequently, there have been usual expressions of displeasure, dissatisfaction and disagreement by the disadvantaged parties and their members, most of them threatening legal actions with the hope to reclaim their mandates. In an ideal democratic society that is the most popular approach to ameliorate any issue of such.

On the other side, there have been series of inciting comments from some individuals who only believe that winning in an election is the most important thing that elections tend to provide, far beyond that is the quality and value of impact people achieve from the outcome of the election.

I am very much aware that many people have described those expressing their grievances as unnecessary lamentations just because the right face of the table is on their side. We have witnessed the same lamentations when it was happening like this sometimes ago and we that go against evil still maintain our stands trying to criticize the processes that were full of irregularities.

My kind advise to every Kogites is that, whoever won the election through either legal or illegal process, we all have to queue behind him for better and safer and egalitarian society.

Engr Musa should just summon courage to bear the loss which will help him to avert further defeated season. Legal actions sometimes has its own shortcomings on the progress of the state. He has tried and the entire country can attest to that honest fact.

For those who are criminalising the action of people that supported Wada, I think they have to stimulate their reasoning for ensuing the best understanding of politics. The aspiration of everyone is not more than good governance and enabling economic environment. It doesn’t matter who is piloting the affairs of the state but how credible.

Finally, there’s need for common understanding among the conflicting parties and individuals that, no societal development is guaranteed under unstable circumstances, we have to embrace each other for development.

The state is for everyone. Lives were lost during the elections and no amount of actions will ever replace the lost ones. Peace is better than pieces.

I am the good governance advocate.

– Moses Abdulrahman Yusuf writes from Dekina.

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