Gov Yahaya Bello’s Victory: Unity Has Defeated Tribal Politics

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The political atmosphere of Kogi state since its creation, two and half decades ago had degenerated and was characterized by tribal disharmony, ethnic distrust and mutual suspicion as a result of marginalization and exclusion suffered by some parts of the state, policies, programs and body language of the past governors who incidentally all comes from the same region of the state. The emergence of Governor Yahaya Bello, was therefore largely seen as a divine intervention designed to give the other parts of the state a sense of belonging and restore unity and harmony that had eluded the confluence state for so long.

Mindful of the fact that his assumption into office as executive governor was a divine ordination, Governor Yahaya Bello left no stone unturned at ensuring that no section of the state was left out or marginalized in terms of appointment and citing of developmental projects, a clear departure from the past where appointments and developmental projects were skewed and concentrated in a sitting governor’s region. Under the leadership of Governor Yahaya Bello, all the tribes and ethnic groups in the state were given equal opportunity to contribute their quota towards development of the state, not compromising competence, quality and expertise.

Sadly, the last governorship election can be said to be anything but issues based. Decorum was thrown in the wind and character assassination; open display of tribal animosity; political hatred and needless tantrum, garnished with ethnic slogans were the order of the day. The major opposition political parties were hijacked by ethnic champions and tribal chauvinists who made the entire governorship election process looked like a war of tribal superiority. Despite the claim of the opposition candidates that Governor Yahaya Bello has failed to perform below average in the last four years, they were unable to articulate or tell Kogites how and what they intend to do differently if given the chance to rule, but rather channeled their time, energy and financial resources at promoting and campaigning along tribal and ethnic line.

The show of political sophistication and maturity that the good people of Kogi state displayed before, during and after the governorship election is commendable, exemplary and worthy of emulation by the other states in Nigeria. Kogites were intelligent and smart enough not to be deceived into replacing the incumbent governor by a man who has got absolutely nothing to offer but to come and promote an ethnic agenda. The votes garnered by Governor Yahaya Bello from the seven local governments that make up Kogi West and the nine local government that makes Kogi East portrays that unity, love and harmony that had eluded us for a long time is gradually being restored.

November 16th 2019 was not only the day an ebiraman was re-elected as governor for the very first time in our history; it is also the day kogites across religious and tribal boundaries put aside their differences and sentiments and massively elected Governor Yahaya Bello for another term of four years. This show of love from our Igala and Bassa brethren shall not be taken for granted, the display of solidarity by our Okun, Oworo, Koto, Hausa and Nupe brethren is highly appreciated, and the confidence by our Ogori-Magongo and Ebira brethren shall not be betrayed. Governor Yahaya Bello’s victory is the triumph of unity over tribal politics, the defeat of ethnic chauvinism by inter-tribal harmony and the defeat of insanity by common sense.

Like we have consistently done for the past four years, we shall continue to constructively criticize and put the incoming administration on its feet to ensure a speedy delivery of more dividends of democracy and an accelerated development across the nooks and corners of our dear state.

To the candidates and supporters of all the political parties, the governorship election has come and gone with a winner emerging. It is time for us all to put our bitterness aside and join hands to move the state forward.

To the ethnic chauvinists and promoters of ethnic agenda, Kogi state belongs to us all. No tribe or ethnic group is superior or inferior to the other; it is time for us all to give common sense a chance in the overall interest of the state.


– Hussain Obaro, 08157719456       

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