Opinion: Some Hidden Things People Need to Know About Dr Victor Alewo Adoji

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Before I start, I will like to let some of us to know the real person of Dr Victor Alewo Adoji.
This man is a leader, philanthropist and a guardian who is much concerned about the interest of other people. He has people at heart, not just his people, but other tribes as well. Dr Victor Alewo Adoji is generous, accessible and his door is open wide to all at any point in time, both in the city and Kogi state.
Dr Victor Alewo Adoji said and I quote: “I’m a Christian, follower, hearer and preacher of the gospel, my Bible made me to understand, that whatsoever my right hand is doing, the left hand should not know”. This means whatever charity one gives and goes outside to broadcast it will not speak well of the doer.
Dr Victor Alewo Adoji chose to maintain this principle but those who benefit from his charity and humanitarian support can’t just keep quiet without saying it aloud.
Even as we wait patiently and trusting God for him to climb the red chamber in representing the good people of Kogi East senatorial district come 2019, the entire Igala kingdom will laugh last for choosing him.
Educational Sector
Dr Victor Alewo Adoji chose to  sponsor many students in different levels of education within the state and outside the state, even overseas, and he has being doing it without complaining.
Right from primary school in his community, he chose to be paying teachers in primary schools what the government should have being paying them to motivate them and promote education, as education is one of his numerous area of concentration.
He never stopped there, he has extended his helping hands to students studying in Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education. He put upon himself to pay all their bills. People may ask how come he has not assisted me nor my relatives? The answer is, Dr Victor Alewo Adoji is willing to help others but he can’t do all at the same time.
He has done it before, still doing it right now and eager to do more all because of the love, passion and value he has developed for education. Only the educated elite can do such.
Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji has being playing major roles and interested to do more in religious houses. In Kogi East, he has being supporting God’s kingdom ministry works. He personally built some fellowship house and support other from scratch and sometimes in completion. He does it to churches and mosque projects within and outside the state.
He also extend his humanitarian service in sponsoring many to Hajj and Jerusalem, not annually but frequently. He has sponsored and supported many Igala projects whenever he’s call upon. He is open to both Christiana and Muslims in promoting events that really matter.
I know of a church, name withheld, Dr Victor Alewo Adoji was invited for a program, he did something unique to the surprise of the congregation. It was a pastor’s graduation and thanksgiving service. He decided to sponsor the pastor from degree to master degree in (Theology) studies and also ready to sponsor the resident pastor to go for degree. This man went on and on and asked some church workers who were interested in theology to join the reverend pastor, which they did. This man still not satisfied with the numbers of people that came out, he began to ask and I quote “if you’re here, you have five credits including mathematics and English and want to study theology join them”.  Their numbers increased to 14. And Dr Victor said don’t worry how you get the admission and all the expenses incurred will be my responsibility. Wow!
Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji has donated numerous standby generators to some religious houses, homes and city. I will not mention any church or mosque names, definitely time is coming this projects will speak loud.
Dr Victor Alewo Adoji has donated water borehole to many village and communities within and outside the state, and to orphanage homes as well, to mention a few. These and many more testimonies are loading.
Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji  took upon himself to pay many hospitals bills for patients and pregnant women after birth on several occasions.
There are many issues of health challenges in the state, in different locations, he has attended to and given his support, some of which warrant operations, he has saved many lives. Dr Victor Alewo Adoji always said: “your pain is my pain.”
This is the area so many people are waiting to read. Many people refused to understand and chose to quote the wrong slogan that ‘who he help’?
I want to state here categorically that he is trying his best to put food on many tables by creating employment, direct and in direct. He’s friendly to many employers and he also used his position and links to connect many in securing federal jobs; federal airports of Nigeria, Nigeria police, Nigeria customs and Nigeria immigration. He is still doing more.  All these testimonies are loading, pending the time the beneficiaries shall speak loud.
If he has used each opportunity he has to contribute to life changing initiatives, I am sure when we give him our maximum support and send him to the red chamber, he will perform excellently.
– Joseph Mawedo Nicodemus
Email: nicojossy2011@yahoo.com

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