Opinion: Prince Kolawole’s Appointments an Assault on Bunu People

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Hon. (Prince) Mathew  Kolawole triumph against Hon. Nath Ojo Taiwo is not without the huge support Prince Kolawole got from Bunu land. He earned our sympathy as a result of the clannish stigma he suffered in 2007 when he was compelled  to step down for another Kabba man who is more favored by clannish bigotry calculation.


He came out in 2015 for the same office yet the same set of leaders that deprived him from running in 2007 zoned the office out of Kabba just too once again prevent Prince Kolawole from fulfilling his ambition. It is on record that Bunu Development Association and Bunu Students’ Union did not only solidarise with him but worked assiduously with other stakeholders to frustrate the 2nd term ambition of Hon. Nath Taiwo. BDA openly wrote a letter to PDP leaders dissociating themselves from Hon. Natha and throwing their full support behind Prince Kolawole. Kolawole was always in Bunu land even at nocturnal hours to plead with every well meaning Bunu people for support.  We supported him and he defeated Hon. Nathaniel Taiwo by 6 votes.


General Election

The fear of the primary election eventually turned into a night mare as Hon Ade-Raph Olamife locked horns with Kolawole at the general election. Olamife was favoured by clannish bigotry calculation. The battle ground was shifted to Bunu land. Before the arrival of Bunu votes, Olamife was comfortably leading. But the table turned at the end of the day when Bunu votes did not only neutralise the Olamife lead but also gave Prince Kolawole the win.



He was elected speaker of the House of Assembly on the 3rd of August 2017. A position that conferred on him the privilege of appointing 14 aides.

Prince Kolawole appointed his aides without due regard to history and forgeting how Bunu played the joker that gave him victory at primary and general elections.  His appointment is a rape on the sensibility of Bunu people. He retains every useful and fruitful offices in Kabba and Ijumu leaving the ‘useless’ offices in Bunu. What an assault!


Breakdown of Appointments


  1. Chief of Staff


  1. Special Adviser
  2. Chief Press Secretary
  3. Chief Protocol Officer
  4. 4 Personal Assistant 1
  5. Senior Special Assistant


  1. Assistant Personal Assistant
  2. Special Assistant (least office)
  3. Special Assistant (least office)


Above is the reward of the breakdown of Prince Kolawole Appointments. He is quick to forget how he became a candidate of PDP and subsequently the winner of the election. Its unfortunately unthinkable that Prince Kolawole whose mother was from Bunu will openly assault and insult Bunu people in this manner.  Putting 5 senior offices in Kabba and leaving 3 most junior offices in Bunu.

Regrettably, prior to the  emergence of   Kolawole as Speaker, he has refused to hire a Bunu man as an aide. Rather than appoint a Bunu man Kolawole chose to appoint a Mopa man. *What an assault on Bunu people!*

Our immediate Demand

We immediately demand that you reshuffle your aides and upgrade the appointees in Bunu to some of the most senior.  We pray you ignore our demand!

We are patiently waiting for your second time bid.



It’s only the likes of Prince Kolawole that can hire a chief of Staff in a constituency outside his immediate Local Government.  What political relevance does your CHIEF OF STAFF have on your career? We demand that you remove him with immediate effect.

He has only visited Bunu land 5 times since you won election – 1. New yam in Olle, 2. Church programme in Olle,  3. Church programme in Okeoffin 4. Wedding programme in Odo-Ape and 5. APC Meeting in Oke-Offin.

Worthy of note is his continuous refusal to grant Bunu Development Association audience since he got to office.


Hon Mathew Kolawole  has been selective in the disbursement of benefits that accrue to Kabba /Bunu people.

À stitch in time, they say saves nine.


– Omonijo Victor Kelvin

For: Bunu Emancipation and Advocacy Frontiers (BEAF)

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