Opinion: Let Kogi Govt Address Civil Servants Issue Now Before It Is Too Late

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Recall that a Kogite, Abdullahi Abdulkadir, wrote an article saying;

For the horror faced in recent times that has stolen the joy from peoples’ face

For the endless screening exercise that have caused numerous death and vile

For the ravaging menace and starvation in the land caused by greedy tyrants

For its leader blinded by arrogance whose iniquity takes away our happiness

For the man-made famine and impoverishment they have created
What better punishment to know that their history would only be remembered by enemies with utmost contempt
For the horror they have created and the curses sent from all corners.
Alas, their humiliation and exit is near
Since it’s the people in this state of destitution that would choose who leads them,
I would weep no more.
This is coming from a Kogi indigene for this punishment is too much for civil servants. If you do not pay them now how then do you seek re-election?
In addition, Comrade Hussain said and I quote; “Blood money encompasses those who take part in rituals and those who hoard other people’s properties and allow them to die of starvation and hypertension”.
We have not said the government of Kogi State is corrupt, we have not said you are hoarding properties, we have not said it is a deliberate punishment but we have only observed that the needful is yet to be done and not until it is done we’ll continue to record more death in Kogi State.
A civil servant from Kogi East, who got shocked by electricity passed through a mango tree six months ago just because he had to climb the tree to plug mangoes to feed on for the day because of non payment of salary, is suffering in FMC Lokoja. Presently, his hand is amputated, he has sold properties yet can’t afford to pay hospital bill.
I hereby call on Kogi State government to quickly look into amicable resolution with the NLC for they decides who leads them come 2019.
Comrade A. A Hussain
For: Muhammad Ibrahim Ogbanago (MIO).

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