Opinion: Kogi State’s Over 320 Days in Political Wilderness

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With the recent release of the screening and verification report by the screening committee set up by Governor Yayaha Bello, it is now clear that Yayaha Bello is not the product of people political, democratic will, but a product of a manipulated institution of government called the judiciary. Therefore, waiting for Yahaya Bello and his co travelers to do the willing, fufill the aspiration of the people and take the people of the state to the political promise land where hunger, disease and poverty will be a thing of the past is just like carrying coal to Newcastle.
The vital ingredients of democracy is missing in Kogi state political terrain where a government is expected to come from a healthy romance between the people and the ballot boxes not a padded relationship as a result of external imposition on the people.
Very unfortunate that my State is about to witness another face of societal sign and symptoms of an ‘internally displaced government‘. An internally displaced government is a government that has a major task of winning the legitimacy of the people it governs. Such government, if care is not taken will only come, see but never conquer.
Internally displaced governments are usually characterized by:
– Anti people policies
– Fraud
– Deception
– Propaganda
– Mis-placed priorities
– Anti-sustainable development
Despite the rate of humanitarian disaster in the state caused by increasing and unabated hunger, poverty, high rate of infant/maternal mortality rate, increase in the rate of school dropouts, increasing child labour and street begging plus a geometrical rise in insecurity and crime rate in the state, coupled with high rate of social and infrastructural decay and a host of ecological problem like flood, erosion etc, ravaging the state like wide fire.
Most pathetic is the non- payment of salaries for the past 10 months plus in the state. Then came the release of the most ‘kwashiokored’ , doctored, incoherent and in-comprehensive report from the screening committee. A situation where senior Professors, Doctors, Directors and other senior civil servants were declared ghost workers.
What Kogites want is simple; pay workers and pensioners their salaries, reduce the rate of hunger and poverty via functional social policies, reduce the rate of crime and insecurity in the state and promote unity and peace in the state. Not presenting manipulated, fraudulent and padded screening and financial reports.
The simple fact is that financial transparency as a concept is anchored on how judiciously public funds where used not only used but the right usage at the right time.
Kogites are victims of a historic rape on democracy which was performed in the hotel room of the Supreme court by seven senior advocate of Naira. Now, the unholy political-cum fornicative act has resulted into an unwanted pregnancy and the subsequent delivery of an internally displace government.
Kogi state is seriously sick and in political medical theater been maned by a quack surgeon.
Now we have started seeing a clear manifestation of a government without legitimacy, or a government that is a pure artificial creation of the judiciary… a cursed government.

– Enemama Simon Akubor


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